Thriving In Turbulent Times

Our working world has shifted and with this has come a set of new challenges that teams, leaders and businesses are trying to wrap their heads around. To help support our clients with these challenges we have developed a series of bite sized and budget friendly online development sessions.

For employees that are adapting to working remotely over a significant period of time, there is a need to learn and adapt to a different working environment - and quickly. We have created these sessions to help teams develop skills in resilience, mental and physical wellbeing as well as stay connected with each other.

Available sessions on:

Thriving In Turbulent Times:How to create a sense of connection for the team, to reignite motivation and engagement as well as providing practical tips and tricks for managing a long period of working from home.

Peak State: How to manage your energy when you're working from home so that you remain productive and effective.

Focus: How to create and maintain focus when you're surrounded by less structure and new (home) distractions.

Goal Setting: For managers and teams who need to revisit or redefine their goals, this session takes you through a structured process of identifying your priorities, defining your goal, managing obstacles and develop actions to get you to where you want to be.

Managing Positively: For managers who are struggling to manage remote teams, what behaviours, techniques and processes can you implement to keep the team connected, inspired and efficient?

Active Listening: For anyone who is now conducting most of their conversations and meetings remotely, how can you fine-tune your listening so that you really hear what your team members or clients need?

Powerful Questioning: For managers who want to ensure their teams continue to grow, feel inspired and overcome any challenges, this session is designed to arm you with great questions to support and help them better.

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What some of our clients say:

“The virtual training session that the 33 Talent team facilitated for us was just as powerful and helpful as the face-to-face version. I was dubious about the power of technology to deliver the same results we saw in our team after the first session but I shouldn’t have worried.” - Managing Director, Public Relations Agency

“It was a good balance (of information) and good to add in the exercises” – HR Director, FinTech Company

“Informative and enjoyable for everyone!” - Managing Director, Communications Agency

“Great prompting questions to help us reflect”- Manager, AI Insights Firm