If you’re looking to enhance collaboration, confidence, energy, or productivity within your organisation, we offer a series of training sessions and workshops that are applicable to all levelsWhether you’re looking to build a more resilient team, improve the wellbeing of your employees, or want your leaders to create a more positive work environment, we have a series of sessions that address each of these needs. Each bite-sized module is designed to be delivered as a standalone session or bundled together for a more comprehensive development package.


Cohesive and Powerful Teams

Learn how to create and perform as a more cohesive team for greater effectiveness. This hands-on workshop explores the team’s mission, values, and agreed behaviours and creates a set of team goals.

Active Listening

For anyone who is now conducting some of their conversations and meetings remotely, how can you fine-tune your listening so that you really hear what your team members or clients need?

Powerful Questioning

For managers who want to ensure their teams continue to grow, feel inspired and overcome any challenges, this session is designed to arm you with great questions to support and help them better.

Managing Remotely

For managers who are struggling to manage their remote teams, what behaviours, techniques and processes can they implement to keep the team connected, inspired and efficient?


​Setting Inspirational Goals

For managers and teams who need to revisit or redefine their goals, this session takes you through a structured process of identifying your priorities, defining your goal, managing obstacles and develop actions to get you to where you want to be.

Own Your Career

How to take ownership of your career by defining your professional self, mapping out your big goals and developing a growth mindset to create opportunities for your development and success.

Finding Your Voice

If you need your team members to step up, speak up and take charge in meetings with clients and in presentations, this session addresses these needs.  It focuses on elevating the confidence of team members, empowering them to take ownership and to drive client relationships.  It also includes a practical where new skills can be put to the test.

Creative Storytelling

Take your presentation skills to the next level by becoming a master storyteller. This session builds the skills for developing impactful stories, including mapping out the structure, the importance of addressing your clients needs, thinking more strategically about what you want to say,  as well as practice in presenting in front of a group.


Peak State

How to manage your energy so that you remain productive and effective.

Finding Focus

Learn how to create and maintain focus when you're surrounded by less structure and more distractions. This session covers techniques and tips to become laser focused and more productive.

Mastering Your Energy

Lacking the energy to be fully productive? This session covers how to create and manage your energy to become more effective at work/in life. 

Managing Stress and Wellbeing

With more people working from home and juggling work and home life, teams have become more stressed and anxious. In this session we show you how to take back some control, how to take care of yourself and how to re-energise yourself to prevent burnout. 


How to create and maintain focus when you're surrounded by less structure.

“The sessions that really worked in my opinion were the exercises where we focused and reflected on our own positions/situations within the business using the tools that Cat shared with us. There were some really clever tricks and exercises she used that I felt gave me a real insight into what qualities I deemed important in a leader and how I could apply that to my own leadership/management style. 
There was also a great ‘great question’ exercise at the end that I think everyone who deals with clients should have a go at (no matter what level they are in the business!) It’s definitely something that we as the management team should be applying, teaching to our juniors and also reminding each other to keep up.”

- Manager, Global Specialist Creative Agency

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