Raising the bar comes naturally

When you put people first, amazing things happen.

We’re empowering people to thrive by helping employers hire, engage and unleash the best fits for their business and the next generation of leaders in digital, data and communications across APAC and the globe.

​A triple-threat talent consultancy

The talent journey doesn’t stop when you get someone in the seat — recruitment is just the start of the talent experience. That’s why our subscription model bundles your recruitment, HR projects and coaching into one simple package that you can dial up or down when you need to.

Now we’re raising the bar on a holistic approach to finding, hiring and developing the right talent for the right purpose.​

Our Values

No planet, No people, No point - Social Responsibility and providing a sustainable future for our planet and local communities. It’s the beating heart of our business and all we do.

No ‘I’ in Talent - 33 Talent is about the power of ‘we’. It is about being a collective force to achieve excellence both internally and for our clients and talent alike.

Pay It Forward - Always ask ourselves, “how can I give value in this situation?” Give value to people, help them and do it first. They will often want to help you back.

Broken Glass - We would crawl through it to deliver what we know we have to in order to achieve excellence, every time to everyone. This is effort, hard hard work, quality, determination, and loyalty. Be & deliver the best you can, always.

Thinker - This is consideration, ideation, innovation. This keeps us real but ahead of the competition

Laughter - It is the best medicine. We will be able to laugh at ourselves and laugh together. Everyone needs to enjoy the “glory of the ride”