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Our Mission is to provide strategic and practical talent acquisition and management consultancy services to top businesses and talent to grow their businesses and careers in a sustainable way.

Founded in 2011, we have offices in Singapore and London. In that time we've already worked with thousands of great candidates, delivered hundreds of projects, and won multiple awards. And we're only just getting started...






Meet the Team


No planet, No people, No point 

Social Responsibility and providing a sustainable future for our planet and local communities. It’s the beating heart of our business and all we do.

No ‘I’ in Talent

33 Talent is about the power of ‘we’. It is about being a collective force to achieve excellence both internally and for our clients and talent alike.

Pay It Forward

Always ask ourselves, “how can I give value in this situation?” Give value to people, help them and do it first. They will often want to help you back.

Broken Glass

We would crawl through it to deliver what we know we have to in order to achieve excellence, every time to everyone. This is effort, hard hard work, quality, determination, and loyalty. Be & deliver the best you can, always.


This is consideration, ideation, innovation. This keeps us real but ahead of the competition


It is the best medicine. We will be able to laugh at ourselves and laugh together. Everyone needs to enjoy the “glory of the ride”


Culture Fit

The key things we're looking for are culture fit (check out our values to see if there's a good fit from your perspective) and attitude. We like working with people who are just a little bit ballsy and are willing to give anything a go. That doesn't mean being overly salesy, it means having a can do attitude.

Team Players

We also look for strong team players. We're not interested in working with a team of superstars who ignore everyone else and are just in it for themselves, it's just not us. 

Our Clients

The majority of our clients are in the Digital/Tech, Data and Communications industries, or hiring for skills in those areas, which are exciting areas and changing rapidly.


33 Talent is a certified ROWE organization, which stands for Results Only Work Environment.


In a nutshell this means we trust you to get the results you need to be successful, and we don't care where you work, or what time you do your best work. Yes that really does mean we have no set working hours, and unlimited leave. 


We have a strong focus on corporate responsibility, and have quarterly CSR days where we volunteer at a community project.


We also plant 4 trees for every placement/project we complete, to offset our carbon footprint and take a keen interest in keeping our offices as waste-free as possible. 

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