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Keeping our Top Talent and Clients Connected & Educated

Our events are designed to invest in our people. We invite you to get involved.

Covid-19 Update - Only events with less than 20 people will be going ahead



Led by two ICF certified coaches, this 2-day session covers:
- An introduction and definition of what coaching is and why it works
- The impact of deep listening, what it feels like and why it’s important 
- The art of powerful questioning and how to find the right questions
- How to build presence when coaching – how to be in the moment with your coachee 
- How to create meaningful goals and agreements with individuals/your team 
- How to motivate team members to perform at their best

When employees don't grow, they go


Our research indicates that 88% of employees believe that companies need to better tailor development opportunities to meet the needs and challenges of today’s work environment and that 83% of employees will look for a new job if they don’t feel they are growing in their current role. Join us to discuss how business leaders can find ways to overcome these challenges, and why investing in growth is critical in today's rapidly changing environment. 

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33 Talent is partnering with Thoughtworks' Jumpstart! programme to put together a "Meet & Hire" Event. The programme allows employers to meet with multiple new developers over a 3-hour showcase where JumpStart! graduates will walk you through their work and projects.

PR Presence

PR Presence is the quarterly networking event brought to the communications and PR sector by 33 Talent.  This event is for the industry, and whilst 33 Talent project manages it quarterly, we encourage a different comms team or agency to host the event every time.  The host chooses the topic for the evening and provides speakers.  It's a non-profit event, but we ask for a small sign up fee to help pay for drinks and venue on the night.  Please come along, bring a friend, and ask us about speaking at or sponsoring the next event!  

PR Presence



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Salary Guide, Benefits & Best Practice Hiring 


Talent Talk Yearbook

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