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Meet the Coaches:

Kathryn Woof

Professional Background

I have 18 years' experience working in sales, career and recruitment consultancy and founded my own business, 33 Talent, in 2012. 33 Talent has grown to become a management consultancy in the talent space, offering recruitment and future focussed HR solutions. I believe that investing in good people is the best move a business can make - and that finding your own purpose in your career is one of the most fulfulling life goals. 33 Talent has won awards for innovation, CSR, best small business and best place to work. It was also the first business in Asia Pacific to implement a ROWE (results-only-work-environment). I coach on these areas helping business owners, business leaders and employees find fulfillment in the workplace, and discover how this can unlock happiness in all areas of their lives.  

Personal Background

I’ve lived in Singapore since 2009, before which I was in the UK.  Since arriving in Asia I’ve picked up a husband, a dog, two children and a business - quite a decade!  I love to travel and take part in sporting events, ideally hand in hand. I’ve always felt that a sense of purpose makes us happy and to that end have volunteered in theaters, with social services charities, sports groups, career and youth charities.  Coaching has come as a natural call that allows me to spend time on my #1 passion - people - and do what makes me feel good - helping people.

Coaching Style

Relatable, compassionate, and will expect the best from you.

Passionate About

People finding professional success combined with a sense of purpose and appreciation.  I believe these three things in harmony are how people find happiness

Coaching Expertise/Specialism

I have experience in career coaching, performance coaching, and own & lead a consultancy in the HR sector.  I trained for my ICF coaching accreditation in 2018. I have worked with individuals on personal improvement and with businesses during times of transformation and change.  

Favourite Coaching Story (So Far!)

I helped a business owner who was stuck in a rut of having to seek investment and pay herself a small salary, realise how she could achieve more freedom, salary and cash for the business by unlocking her high potential for sales revenue.  She was able to quadruple her salary and reduce the company debt of $150k to $0, and end her reliance on investment for survival.

Coaching Options:

Executive Coaching

Develop leadership or management



Identify career goals and work out how to reach them



Enhance individual or team performance



Reach personal goals, or overcome challenges


"Kathryn, thanks to your coaching with my team a lot of people are starting to talk about what kind of work they want to do, and we need to help them better"

—  CIO, International Insurance Company