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Ivan Foo

Ivan Foo

Transition Coach & Coach Trainer | ICF accredited, ACC certified

I partner with my clients to seek their truths and get closer to who they really are deep inside.

A bit about me

I am incredibly passionate about people and the stories they bring. I have been working with the more subtle – yet critical – aspects of human aspirations for the best part of my career; starting with Team-building, Executive Headhunting, Recruitment and Career Consultancy, and progressing into Executive Coaching services for professionals.

My coaching takes on the form of a vibrant conversation where I partner with my clients to seek their truths. I am a direct communicator who also employs appropriate humour, the combination of which supports individuals in weeding out their negatives and readying themselves for deeper self-empowerment.

I believe that powerful change is not rooted in a desire to deviate from oneself, but rather for a person to become closer to who they really are deep inside. Impact happens when magnifying an innate quality/desire of a person, rather than seeking to become something a person is not.

Professional Experience

I have more than a decade of headhunting and recruitment experience, servicing global Technology and Consulting firms in their talent needs. Focusing mainly within the Sales and profit-center functions, I am familiar with challenges within the profession and how the minds of sales achievers work.

I have been coaching since 2017 and focus on programmatic coaching for organisations looking to use coaching as an initiatives launchpad rather than waiting to solve problems when they arise.