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Meet the Coaches:

Catriona Muspratt

Professional Background

After studying Psychology at university, I began my career as a budding consumer researcher, designing research to understand the behaviours of people and their relationships with different brands.  This work included running more than 100 focus groups for a variety of multinational companies – which allowed me to build skills in asking powerful questions – a capability that would later be invaluable as a coach.


Across my 20-year career, I have established and lead revenue generating Research and Insight divisions for 3 global communications and media agencies (Mediacom, MEC and Edelman).  I have worked with a wide range of clients including Unilever, GSK, Diageo, Westpac Bank, Shell and Volkswagen. I have built teams, set inspiring visions and developed cultures that excite and motivate people to perform at their best.  I have mentored, coached and created workshops to develop and inspire individuals to succeed. I understand the challenges and rewards of being a leader and have the skills and experience to help others achieve this.

Personal Background

British by nationality, international by experience, I was born in Hong Kong and have worked in London, Sydney and Singapore.  I enjoy working with people from across the world and most importantly to feel that I have made a difference to their lives. Over the years I have come to appreciate the impact that having a clear purpose has had both on myself and on those I have worked with.



At the age of 18 I worked at an orphanage in India for six months, teaching English, Geography, Music and Art (the last of which was questionable – I am not artistic at all!)  It was here that my passion to inspire and help others began.



Beyond this, I travel when I can – beaches and sunshine are my energy source! I have spent a lot of time exploring the countries of Asia, and after completing a course in photography, I am developing my skills as an amateur photographer by capturing my travelling adventures.

Coaching Style

Challenging, fun and transformative.

Passionate About

I believe that inspiration and purpose are a powerful combination that allow us to take on the demands and challenges of life with confidence and determination.  This brings us closer to what we really want, and to achieving the results we are after.

Coaching Expertise/Specialism

I am a strong believer in authenticity.  The more authentic and real a person is, with themselves and with others, the better they will succeed in achieving what they truly want - in their career, and in life.  My focus is on working with people to explore and discover their true selves and to identify their purpose, to help them perform at their best and to accomplish the goals they set for themselves and their work.  I believe that authentic leaders are more likely to succeed is moving people towards a common vision or goal and that this style of leadership serves to foster trust and collaboration within an organization.

Favourite Coaching Story (So Far!)

I worked with a client who had inherited a ‘broken’ team as a result of a promotion.  The team were performing poorly, not collaborating and lacked trust in one another. Across our sessions together, I helped the client map out a strategy to turn the team around, worked with her to create her own vision for the team, created a plan on how to communicate this and supported her in tackling challenges as they came up.  Working together over a 6-month period, the client implemented the strategy to re-engage the team and by the end of the financial year the team had not only become the most connected and productive team within the business but also the highest revenue generating team for that year.

Coaching Options:

Executive Coaching

Develop leadership or management



Identify career goals and work out how to reach them



Enhance individual or team performance



Reach personal goals, or overcome challenges


"After twelve years running a financially successful business, I still felt like neither my business nor I were achieving our full potential, and I couldn’t put my finger on why. I finally decided to get a coach. I’m so glad I did and I’m so glad I chose Cat. After just a few sessions, I had a much clearer vision of what I wanted to achieve and how to get there. Critically, Cat helped me to become a more authentic leader. As a result, I now have a happier and more motivated team and I feel much more confident and fulfilled at the helm"

—  Freya Giles,

Owner, The Giles Agency, Hong Kong