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We Signed Up For A Monthly Fitness Challenge

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If you’ve followed us on LinkedIn for some time now, you should know we have a few fitness junkies in our cohort. It was no surprise then that when KJ Green, Head of People and Culture, mentioned in the group chat about UFIT’s Move In May Challenge, there was an overwhelming response of thumbs-ups and ‘let’s gooo’ GIFs. 

The 33 Talent team’s participated in a UFIT challenge before - the 5km Corporate Run that doubled as a fundraiser for the Singapore Special Olympics. Not only did our 33ers overcome prior injuries, recovered broken bones, and the humidity of this island to finish the race, but it also enabled the team to be open about the healthy (or unhealthy) habits they picked up during the pandemic. 

UFIT Singapore's #MoveInMay challenge involved getting the team to earn as many MEPs as possible. MEPs, or Myzone Effort Points, are tailored to track how hard your heart is working, not your fitness level. In other words, it doesn’t require past athleticism abilities and you’re rewarded for what you put in. 

We asked the Top 4 in Team Feel the H33t to share how they managed to stay motivated all month and smash in the points:

#1: Ramya Veerappan, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist:

I've been doing a lot of cross-training, some basketball and running. Basically just cardio. I'm motivated by checking the leaderboard and staying on top. 

My goal for the rest of the team is simple - let’s be better than yesterday!

#2: Suzanne Voo, Senior Coach:

I achieved the Iron badge by just getting off my bum and moving more. Wearing the device daily also helps clock random MEPs, even when I'm playing mahjong!

I'm motivated by trying to improve our team rankings and keeping close to Kenny so he won't pull too far ahead!

#3: Kenny Ho, Talent Acquisition Lead:

I'm motivated by being competitive with whoever is ahead of me. Seeing that Ramya became the first Iron Lady, I can do it too!

My advice would be to find what works best for you consistently, not only for the number of days you plan to do it but also for the workout itself. Staying in the green/yellow zones for an extended period of time avoids being burnt out quickly.

#4: Kash Sasi, PR & Comms Consultant:

I started the month of May playing a 12-hour Ultimate Frisbee tournament (Gold & Bold 2022) where I clocked in TOO MANY points! I also do cardio 3 times a week, which helps get ALL THE POINTS.

You can tell I'm super competitive so internal competition really keeps me on my toes! 

We’re proud to say Team Feel The H33t finished 15th place, out of 28 total teams that participated!

Think you'll enjoy being part of our next fitness challenge (with maybe a career alongside it)?
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