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The Secret to Being a Great Manager

Coaching For Manager Excellence (2)
​Never has the need for skillful and inspiring leaders been needed more than right now. With the challenges of Covid and remote working changing the way we manage our teams and lead our people, human skills are not only important but critical to keeping our employees engaged and motivated.

Underlying this current need is also the ongoing challenge that many new managers face: being promoted into senior positions due to great technical skills but with little or no experience at managing others. This is a common issue that leaves many managers doing the best they can with what they know, but who often find themselves struggling to master the ‘managing’ part of their role. In response to the demand for upgrading managers, 33 Talent have developed a new 10 module programme called Manager Excellence that covers all the key skills needed to be a great manager.

With coaching at the heart of it, this programme has been designed to take managers to the next level through personal discovery, insight and the introduction of new tools/skills. Less ‘off the shelf’ and more transformative, every module challenge managers and leaders to go deep. The aim of the programme is to shift this audience’s perspective on what it means to manage others and begins with an introspective module to identify who you are or want to be as a leader. This sets the foundation for the following sessions which explore topics such as:

  • Mastering personal effectiveness to get the best out of you and your team

  • Developing the confidence and skills to manage challenging work situations

  • Inspiring motivation to drive productivity and results within the team

  • Instilling coaching techniques that will unlock your team's potential and push higher levels of performance

  • Delegating for growth, success, and the bigger business picture

  • Mastering communication for meaningful dialogue and effective working relationships

Watch Cat Muspratt-Williams, Head of Coaching, explain who needs Manager Excellence, and why:

Manager Excellence is a training and development programme designed to fit any team. Find out more about the modules you can select here, or download our full Coaching brochure for business teams.