Gemma Hills

Coaching When Down And When Thriving

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​I first stumbled into coaching when I was feeling frustrated and lacking direction. I desperately wanted change but could see no path ahead. My self-esteem was at an all-time low and I was merely surviving.

Fortunately, I became involved in a programme called Catalyst which was a combination of workshops, group coaching and 1:1 coaching and I found the change I needed.

Coaching helped me:

  • Reconnect with my values

  • Identity what was missing in my life

  • Work out what was going to fulfil me and plan how to get there.

Within 4 months I’d flipped my vision of my world and taken action to meet my needs - pretty powerful stuff.

Fast forward 4 years and I’m now a Business Manager of a thriving HR consultancy (that’s 33 Talent) and like all our leaders I have monthly coaching sessions. In these sessions, Cat Muspratt guides me to work through obstacles and take control of achieving my goals. This is great for the business as we have thriving leaders and great for me as I know I can meet my objectives and enjoy doing so.

If you are interested in coaching, you can book a free 30 minute session with any one of our panel coaches here.