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Why Does Company Culture Impact Your Ability To Attract The Best Talent?

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​There’s so much information out there on the importance of company culture, it can be a bit daunting knowing where to start when evaluating your own culture, or *deep breath* attempting to change it.

Maybe you’ve got a set idea of what you want your culture to be, maybe you’re just curious to know what your employees think of your business, or perhaps you already know there’s a culture problem but aren’t quite sure where to start addressing it.

So, is it possible to change your company culture?

Yes, but it takes time and there is a process you need to follow. Remember that great talent is looking for more than just a pay packet. They want to work with companies whose culture aligns with their own values which is why showcasing your culture in your marketing is so important. It gives potential talent some insight into what I might be like to work for you. A little sneak peak that allows them to gauge if you are a good fit for them. After all you want talent that suits your culture as this will increase productivity and decrease turnover of staff. Plus keep your HR headaches to a minimum.

A good place to start to assess your real company values & culture is by interviewing or surveying your staff. This helps to find out how the employees view the company and the first step we take when working with clients as it allows us to cross check this with how the management team wants them to view the company. These surveys are run with the promise of confidentiality, and it’s amazing how honest people will be when they are sure the boss will never find out what they said!

Here is an example of a client we worked with last year.

In general, we found that the employees were mostly quite happy, and only raised issues that the managers were aware of (it’s always nice to work with switched-on clients!). Of course, there are often a few surprises thrown in as well, and it’s always fascinating to see how the management team shed light on the reasons behind the survey results.

After following up with the face-to-face discovery sessions with the management team we asked the following questions:

  1. Do your employees know why and how your business was started?

  2. If you asked each member of your team what your overall business goals are, what would they say? Would they all say the same thing?

  3. What 3 things make you different from your competitors?

Questions like these helped us and will also help you get started on your path to exploring and defining your own culture. Just remember, culture cannot be created or changed overnight, so you need to be realistic about the amount of time and effort you will dedicate to any culture projects.

If you want to attract and hire the best talent, you need to ensure you too are looking your best to attract people that are a right fit for now and into the future.

If you’d like a more in-depth culture exercise, you can sign up for a discovery workshop (contact us at hello@33talent.com) or book a time to chat to one of our experts

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