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Salary Guide 2019

Now in its 4th year, we're delighted to present our Singapore salary guide for 2019. This year we've split it up by type of companies and then the roles within them, as follows: 

1. Agencies - including PR, Digital, Advertising & Integrated 

2. Enterprise/Corporate & High Growth Startups - including FMCG, BFSI, Consumer Electronics, Technology, Healthcare, Media, Government, Consultancies, Fintech, Martech, Adtech, Edutech, Saas, eCommerce, Insurtech, Blockchain

a) Sales and Marketing roles

b) Data & Tech roles 

The salaries we've displayed are monthly salaries, and are based on averages. Some salaries may inevitably fall above or below the ranges we've provided here, but in general these salaries reflect market norms. 

If you have any questions on any of the salaries or roles, or want to discuss your own hiring or job search do reach out to the relevant team member/s, and all the best for 2019! 


PR & Comms


Account Exec

Senior Account Exec

Account Manager

Senior Account Manager

Account Director

Senior AD/Practice Director/VP



2.5 - 3.1k

3.3 - 4.5k

4.7k - 6.2k

6.5k - 8k

7.5k - 12k

10k - 18k

14k - 26k

Account Servicing


Account Executive

Senior Account Exec

Account Manager

Senior Account Manager

Associate Account Director

Account Director

Group Account Director

Business/Client Services Director

General Manager

Managing Director



2.5k - 3k

2.8k - 3.5k

3.5k - 5k

4.5k - 6k

5k - 7k

7k - 10k

12k - 14k

15k - 18k

16k - 20k

18k - 25k

Digital Strategy/Planning



Social/Content Strategist

Senior Strategist/Planner

Strategy Director

Chief Strategy Officer


5k - 8k

5k - 7k

9k - 13k

12k - 16k

18k - 27k

Social Media/Community


Social Media Executive

Social Media Manager

Social Account Director

Head of Social



3k - 5k

4k - 6k

7k - 10k

12k - 15k




Art Director

Group Creative Head

Associate Creative Director

Creative Director

Executive Creative Director


3k - 6k

4k - 6k

7k - 10k

9k - 11k

12k - 16k

17k - 25k



UX/UI Designer
Consultant Strategy

Director/Head of UX 


3.5k - 6k

6k - 10k

10k - 25k

KJ Green

KJ has been recruiting for the PR & Comms industry in Singapore for the last 4 years. 

Agency Talent

As agencies increasingly merge creative with data, is talent development keeping up?

Candice Au Eong

Candice is the newest member of our team, recruiting for our PR & Comms clients

Enterprise & Startup - Sales & Marketing



Comms Exec

Comms Manager (local remit)

Comms Manager (regional remit)

Comms Director (local)

Comms Director (regional)


3 - 4.5k

4.5 - 9k

5 - 12k

9 - 12k

10 - 20k

Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing Executive

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing, Senior Manager

Digital Marketing Director

Omnichannel Marketing Manager

Performance Marketing

CRM Manager

CRM Lead

Head of CRM & Lifecycle Management



3.5k - 5k

8k - 8k

8k - 12k

12k - 18k

10k - 15k

5k - 12k

6k - 8k

9k - 12k

10k - 15k



Client Success/ Account Exec

Client Success/Account Manager

Ad Ops Exec

Ad Ops Manager

BD/Sales Exec

BD/Sales Manager

BD/Sales Director

Head of Sales


3.3k - 5k

5k - 10k

3.3k - 4.5k

4k - 8.3k

3.3k - 5k

5k - 10k

10k - 15k

13k - 18k



E-commerce Manager

Head of E-commerce

User/ Customer Acquisition Manager

User/ Customer Acquisiton Lead


4.5k - 8k

8k - 15k

8k - 10k

10k - 12k

Digital Transformation


Head of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Lead

Agile Transformation Lead

Head of Innovation Lab



15k - 20k

12k - 15k

12k - 15k

15k - 20k

Amanda Vanderkolk

Amanda specialises in digital and integrated marketing roles in the agency space

Digital Transformation

How does a company take their employees along with them on a digital transformation journey?

Rina Lee

Rina specialises in senior and leadership roles in digital and high-growth tech companies

Enterprise & Startup - Data & Technology



Junior Software Developer

Mid Level Developer

Senior Software/Lead Developer

Mobile Developer (iOS / Android)

Solutions Architect

QA Tester

Chief Technology Officer


3k - 4.2k

5k - 8k

7k - 11k

5.5k - 7k

6.5k - 9.5k

5.5k - 8k

22.9k - 32k



Data Scientist

Senior Data Scientist

Data Analyst

Senior Data Analyst

Head of Data


4.1k - 8k

8k - 12.5k

4.1k - 7.9k

7.5k - 12.5k

14.1k - 23.3k



Product Manager

Product Owner

Chief Product Officer

Product Commercialisation Strategist


6k - 8k

7k - 9k

15k - 20k

14k - 17k


We recently launched our coaching practice: life, career, executive & team coaching

Prerna Agarwal

Prerna joined the team in early 2018 and is our resident tech & data recruitment expert

Hiring Local

Hire local tech talent through our partnership with Thoughtworks

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