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The Digital industry outlook in Singapore 2023

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When filling roles, it's important to utilise transferable skills.

Singapore is still positioned as a global hub for technology in South East Asia. There's a huge demand for digital professionals right now, and it looks like this trend will continue well into 2023. Lots of smaller businesses have been continuously hiring for the past 12 months as the pandemic actually accelerated their growth.

We’ve seen requests for more specialised roles such as customer success managers, which bridge the gap between commercial and technical teams. There are lots more opportunities for e-commerce specialists and creative strategists too as consumer trends have moved towards digital and e-commerce.

Any business is going to face competition for talent in this climate. While there may be lots of available talent on the market, good talent gets snapped up quickly. In digital, candidates are commanding a 15% - 20% increment when moving roles, and the majority of the time, they are getting this. At the same time, many candidates are only looking for hybrid work - they want to spend more time with their families and less time commuting.

Our advice? In a tight market, employers should be open to the types of candidates available - to keep companies growing and on-target, both employers and job seekers should be focusing on transferable skills and training, rather than super specialised experience which is incredibly hard to find.

E-commerce, Digital Marketing, and AI, Data and Analytics-related skills are the most transferable across sectors and job roles.

With the growth of e-commerce business models, skills in Product Development and Customer Experience Management are required by more than 800 job roles; while skills in Big Data Analytics and AI Application to manage data from these platforms are required by more than 700 job roles. [Source: SkillsFuture SG - Skills Demand For The Future Economy]

This piece was first featured in our 2023 Salary Guide. Download your copy here.