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The Importance of Employee Engagement in 2023

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The coaching and development team spends their days working with leaders to dig deep into their teams (and business) needs. We work to find that blocker and then support the business in overcoming it. Wellness and balance are our most talked about topics in 2022.

Workspace culture has shifted from an emphasis on productivity to one on wellbeing, especially with regards to mental health. People are openly talking about stress and overwhelm at work, which helps them through it. Working in a healthy environment allows employees to perform better while also feeling good about themselves - which is why learning and growing go hand in hand with being happy and feeling fulfilled.

Some companies are employing a 'Head of Wellbeing' who helps guide and oversee this transition. This person takes on the role of overseeing employee health and well-being programs, focusing on mental health, stress management techniques, and things like healthy foods in the organisation's cafeteria. Collaborating with other departments such as HR and recruitment has also become critical to ensuring that employees find their best fit within an organisation.

Demonstrating a commitment to developing talent will not only make your existing employees more productive and innovative, but it will create an atmosphere that attracts new hires and helps you retain talent.

Here are some ways that companies can help retain their employees and keep them inspired:

Learning and development: Not only is it great to keep people from getting stale, but a good way to keep Gen Zers motivated.
Promotion: This can come in many forms, whether it's more challenging work, more autonomy, or more responsibility.
Growth: Companies that show that they care about developing their people will likely be able to retain them better than companies that don't show this interest.
Purpose: People want to feel that their work has meaning. Show them how their role fits into the bigger picture of the company.

When you're in a financial pinch, it's tempting to cut back on all the expenses that don't directly contribute to generating revenue. But the right investment in your employees can actually help your company grow during tough times.

This piece was first featured in our 2023 Salary Guide for Employers. Download your copy here.