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Transform your team from problem finders into problem solvers

Transformational Training
Time and time again our clients come to us with the same complaints. “My team doesn't know how to solve their own problems,” “I’m relied on so heavily at work,” “My team waits for me to make big decisions.”

We can help you solve these frustrations once and for all, so you can focus on your business goals.

Training is an instrumental part of your employee's careers with you. Many companies budget for it but don't know where to turn or what to ask for. It goes beyond simply teaching your employees something new and can actively contribute to your employer brand, company culture, and team bonding.

As a specialist talent partner, 33 Talent focuses on people and culture every single day. How do you attract talent? How do you nurture them? How do you get them to stay? The realisation that talent and culture are so intrinsically linked led us to establish our coaching and development arm almost 4 years ago.

What makes 33 Talent’s training different from any other training? It’s transformational. Our training is ground in the foundation of coaching, delivered by ICF accredited coaches. This differs from ‘educational’ training where the trainer speaks at an audience rather than taking them through an experience that will change their thinking and behaviours, for good!

Our approach: 
  • We are true believers in transformation

  • Every session we lead has coaching at its core

  • We are talent experts

  • We change the way people think about leadership/management 

  • We bring new perspectives and approaches to age-old employee challenges 

  • We get to the root of the issue – working on fears and limiting beliefs to increase confidence and open participants up to new ways of thinking 

  • We aim for participants to discover more of who they are and want to be – and coach them throughout our sessions on how to become this person

  • Every session ends with agreements, commitments and action plans to ensure discoveries are integrated into day-to-day work

Our mission is for every person to walk out of our sessions a different person from the one that walked in.

Ready to get started? Let us know a little bit about your team here.