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Why Should I Work With One Recruiter Exclusively?

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Over the weekend, you’ve decided to start looking out for new opportunities but the sheer number of available jobs in the market already overwhelms you.
You had a pure genius idea that maybe it would save you time and effort to work with only ONE recruiter. That's a certified big brain move and here are the reasons why:

1.      Not everyone can.

Time is very valuable for recruiters. Recruitment Consultants have a long list of tasks to accomplish every day, which means contrary to popular belief, they don’t just give away their time and attention unless they see a true value in doing so. Hence, when a recruiter offers to work with you exclusively, it means they see a strong potential in you that they are committed to helping you until you've found your dream job. 

Pro Tip: When you like the vibe that your recruiter gives you, save both of you some time and ask directly if they'd work with you exclusively. The result? A certified “job search bestie!”

2.      You have a unique set of skills.

You are working in a niche industry and your job title doesn’t fully explain what your specialized skills include. Working with one recruiter that specializes in your space and takes the time to understand you holistically will mean that you have someone on the 'inside' to advocate for you and present you truthfully with tact for the companies you hope to work for.

Pro Tip: Always highlight to your recruiter which unique set of skills you'd like to maximise in your next role (or hope to pivot into). Don't be shy to share a 'wishlist' of companies with your recruiter, because they might already have worked with them before!

3.      They demystify job descriptions.

Admit it, there have been instances when you read the job description but barely understand what the job actually *is.* It's more common than you think that people start their 'dream job,' only to realise two weeks later it isn't what it appeared to be. Working exclusively with a recruiter can minimize this risk because they will not only have a better understanding of the job expectations, but also the team, the company, the culture, and the current challenges and opportunities for this role. Plus - they probably know exactly what your future boss is like! Often, you'll get this full insight into the job before going through the extensive interview process.

Pro Tip: When you work exclusively with a recruiter, send them links of job ads that you're keen on and ask if they have contacts in those companies, can share more about it, and let them represent you. This will ensure your CV isn't going into the black hole or being (unpleasantly) surprised by the position after weeks of interviews and effort from your side.

4.      Avoid having your resume overexposed.

When you apply directly or register with several recruiters, you risk your application appearing in every job board/portal in the industry. Unfortunately, this doesn't appeal to any hiring manager and will make them assume you're not really as committed to the company as you say you are. An “exclusive” candidate, however, signals to the hiring manager a sense of distinction and elevates your profile as more interesting and high-ranking than someone who is being represented by almost every recruiter in town.

Pro Tip: When you find a good recruiter aka your “job search bestie,” always recommend them to friends in the industry and let your recruiter’s network be an extension of yours. Even if you or your connections aren't looking for a new role, having a de factor recruiter in your life can help younegotiate a pay raise or keep an eye out on industry trends for your career's future.

If you're in the Digital, Media, and AdTech space, I'd love to hear from you. We'll explore how best to leverage your career and how I can help (as your job search bestie).