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A Day in the Life as the Head of Marketing in a Recruitment Agency

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Did you know that Recruitment and HR firms have a marketing team too?

Jo Cockle is the Head of Marketing at 33 Talent, where she's spearheaded our recruitment marketing strategy, taught us a thing or two about employer branding, and keeps the content cogs working.
She shares a day in her life...

I'm Jo and I work as the Head of Marketing here at 33 Talent. I joined in December 2019 shortly after a long stint at an APAC focused recruitment agency. I had known Kath, the Managing Director and Co-Founder for several years through social connections in Singapore and I was always drawn to the fact that 33 Talent focuses on the complete talent lifecycle, and not just finding people jobs.

I was looking for an environment that I felt valued in and that offered flexibility, as I have a side project (Sayang From Su Yin) that needed nurturing one day a week. What I found at 33 Talent was a forward-thinking, mature environment that didn’t blink when I said I would like to work a 4 day week (and that was pre-pandemic!). This is one of the many wonderful things about life as a 33er - our ROWE working environment. There are no set working hours (but we are encouraged to turn off our Slack notifications past 6pm) because our ethos is that work is something you do, not somewhere you go.

Everyone is trusted to do their job wherever or whenever they’d like, as we are human and all have responsibilities such as children, families or important appointments!

For this reason, a ‘day in the life’ can vary wildly. A typical day for me starts just after 9am when I’ve fed our screaming cat and settled into my cosy home office space. My role in the business is quite unique as my remit covers two main areas; managing and executing the marketing plan for us and also working on our client projects when candidate outreach and marketing are involved.

So my ‘day-to-day’ is difficult to describe - I could be analysing data from our latest campaign, preparing a report on our web traffic, brainstorming ideas with Carissa, our Marketing Executive, developing a new marketing automation or jumping into a meeting with the project team to plan resources. Sometimes after lunch, I like to head into our beautiful office at WeWork, overlooking Marina Bay to see my colleagues (who are honestly now, also friends) and eavesdrop on what the other parts of the business are working on; what clients they’re working with, what Coaching workshops are being delivered that week, what barriers candidates are facing - all which help the Marketing team understand how we can be of value. 

(Picture above) Carissa surprises me with balloons to celebrate our 33,000 followers on LinkedIn!

​I just had Lasik (life-changing, by the way) so these days I may need to head off around 4pm for a check-up with my eye doctor, before heading home. Then I’ll pop back onto Slack or Meets for a little while to catch up with colleagues who are working in different timezones, before calling it a day.

Many companies call themselves flexible, but 33 Talent is truly the most flexible working environment I could ever imagine. As I write this, my colleagues are successfully working from other timezones after finally taking the opportunity to see family, in the UK, Malaysia and India. Not just this, but they truly care about your development and as we have a Coaching arm, everyone benefits from a robust training and development programme - something I’ve never before experienced in a small business.

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