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​Why opt for exclusivity with recruiters? 

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Here’s why partnering exclusively with an agency increases your chances of making the right hire at the right time. 

Employer Brand - news travels fast

The agencies that you appoint are acting as your brand ambassadors, sharing your message with the world. 

Why not save the admin of briefing 4-5 agencies on the same job and instead, invest quality time in 1 kick-ass brief to ensure that your business, your culture, the team and the role are accurately reflected to your audience. 

You may think that you’re upping your chances of success by having 5 recruiters out there looking for that one special person but candidates getting approached by multiple agencies about the same role can feel a little hectic and potentially leave a bad taste in their mouths. 

It costs less $$$

OK, I’ll admit it, recruitment fees can be seen higher in comparison to other professional services.  

But wait, let me explain why!

Typically a recruiter has to work on 3 roles to close (and be paid for) just one. Getting paid for a 3rd of the work that you do means it costs 3 times as much.  

An exclusive agreement gives the recruiter the opportunity to conduct a quality search of the whole market, taking the time to carefully share an in-depth brief with the right candidates rather than briefing as many candidates as possible before your competitor gets the opportunity to.  

A quality search increases the chances of success.  The recruiter is more likely to get paid for their work and it means that the right candidate doesn’t just mean filling the role now, it also means long term retention for your business.  

This is why regular updates, market maps and progress reports are often a part of the retained service, strengthening that true partnership.

Let us chase your rabbit

I thrive on the job satisfaction of helping a candidate make the next career move and helping a business find their perfect hire, but I wouldn’t be able to do my job if I wasn’t creating revenue.

So, further to my previous point, for a recruiter working on 10-15 roles at any one time, it’s a challenge to give every client equal love and attention that is required to fill the role so naturally, recruiters give the most attention to the role which they are most likely to fill and receive a fee for.  Exclusive roles featuring very high on the list of priorities. 

Even at a reduced fee, if you’re more likely to fill the role, it’s a safer bet and a more fruitful project for recruiters to invest time in. 

Super charge your exclusivity agreement be opting for retained

No, retained doesn’t mean an annual agreement with monthly payments. 

In recruitment, it means that you split your costs over several invoices - usually 2 or 3.

With the first portion of the payment being invoiced on agreement, both parties are committed 100% to the process.  We won’t stop until the position has been filled - we’re just chasing your rabbit! Which means guaranteed success.

The recruiter will take accountability

“You’re the only agency we’re using so we’re relying on you!”.  Well we aim to please and we really don’t want to let you down. 

Working with 5 recruiters could leave you with 5 recruiters who are focused on other clients that have chosen to use them exclusively. 

Choosing just one recruiter means that they take accountability and they become a true partner to your business. 

So what does a true partnership look like?  

A true partner will act as an extension of your team, taking the time to ensure that you are making the right hire and that the chosen candidate will remain with your business for the long haul.

Rather than racing to the finish line with half a brief, you can take the time, with your chosen recruiter to discuss the brief in detail, to ensure that they are passing on quality information to the candidate and returning with market feedback along the way. 

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