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How Subscription Saves Time and Money

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I’m not going to lie, 2020 has been a challenging time for everyone on every level. The year has forced everyone to get out of their comfort zone, adopt the “new normal” or the “normal normal” and make changes/sacrifices while we wait to see the silver lining at the end of the tunnel.

If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s the importance to adapt and be agile because we now live in a world where things change on a weekly basis, and we no longer have full control of the future. Instead we must adapt and work with the current circumstances.

COVID-19 has also brought a lot of changes to the way companies hire and the overall recruitment industry. At 33 Talent, one of the things we constantly look at is how to service our clients better, and how to provide solutions in response to the current changing market. With cost and budget being the main struggle for most companies these days, how can they still utilise a specialist agency for their hiring needs, and instead of paying for every role based on success, is there another way to ensure that the entire talent acquisition process and journey is looked after?

Subscription is an award-winning recruitment product we launched in 2018, and since then we have worked with various companies around the world to be their dedicated talent partner, essentially looking after the entire talent acquisition journey and function for them. 

This solution is borderless, time and cost effective and most importantly it provides a consistent employer branding and candidate experience, managed by a team of specialists. For companies that are going through high growth expansion, but is cautious about time and money, this could just be the answer.

End to end talent journey

With Subscription, while the end goal is to fill jobs, the reality is there are a lot of other important factors that contribute to successful hires. The whole journey starts with creating a brand story, and employer branding/selling proposition followed by the interview process all the way to offer management. Most recruitment journeys stop the moment a candidate is offered a role, however with Subscription, we look after onboarding experience, ensuring that candidates who embark on their employment journey with the prospective employer will have a strong start.

With this end to end journey, it keeps the process tight and consistent, it gives hiring managers and candidates a positive experience, and you always have a team of specialists who know the business inside out (instead of having to brief  and deal with multiple agencies each time a role opens). All this contributes to process and time efficiency.

But what about cost?

This is no doubt the biggest question for a lot of companies during this time. With Subscription, there is a monthly fee set against the key deliverables. The beauty of subscription is that the concept is there, but it’s also flexible enough for us to create bespoke solutions for companies based on their budget. For companies who have their hiring plan all set and have a certain budget, we can work towards that budget, so it’s easy for them to know that they pay a monthly fee for x number of hires, just like how a typical subscription model would work. This arrangement also means no “surprise” recruitment fee.

Instead of going through multiple channels to source for the right talent, using this solution ensures that all stones are left unturned, the key difference being that the team is fully embedded into the business, have access to main stakeholders and act fully as a team, and not just a supplier. All these point to similar goals and result, to fill roles while still maintaining a positive and effective recruitment process in a very competitive talent landscape.

If you’re a business looking to scale your team, and are looking for bespoke solution with a dedicated team of specialists, get in touch!