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The Talent Survival Guide - for employers during COVID-19

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The come back is always better than the set back.

We recently conducted a survey of our existing clients on the biggest struggles as an employer right now.

Our consulting, coaching and marketing teams have been analysing the data and listening to what you, our valuable clients need during this uncertain time.

Key takeaways

- 76% of employers felt an increased sense of uncertainty
- 68% of our survey respondents found stress levels are higher than usual
- 76% of hiring managers feel that a strong company culture is more critical than ever at this time
- 88% have implemented flexible working and 64% feel this can be implemented successfully in the future
- 24% of employers said this hasn’t affected their training programme and Human Resources Online says many are increasing their training efforts & spend

We've created solutions to help you protect your most precious asset - your talent. Our Talent Survival Kit focuses on 3 key pillars - coaching, HR strategy and recruitment.

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