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Top 4 Ways To Stay Motivated When Working Remotely

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​For many people, the idea of remote working is the dream scenario. While it does have its perks as it can provide you with more freedom, in reality, the lack of direct accountability on a daily basis can prove harder (for some) to stay motivated.

With the COVID-19 situation in Asia and beyond, many businesses are for the first time implementing some work at home initiatives. Across all industries we’re also seeing an increased expectation for flexibility in the work week, especially for working mums and those who travel frequently, so how do we find the perfect balance of enjoying flexibility but also getting our work done in a timely manner?

At 8.5 months pregnant and working from my parents' kitchen table back home in New Zealand instead of our office in Singapore, I’ve found the following tips helpful in keeping me motivated while working remotely.

Wake up early

This is one of the most important habits I strongly encourage. Getting out of bed can be hard if you have the option of sleeping in and don’t have to be at the office at a set time. Whether it’s sending a few emails, getting a workout in, or even meeting a friend for a coffee, being disciplined and rising early each day gives you the chance to get a head start of your day.

Dress for success

It’s tempting to roll out of bed and remain in your comfy PJ’s when working from home, especially if you don’t have to face your colleagues or clients. You’re probably thinking, what’s the point in dressing up? The reality is, if you’re content in wearing your lazy clothes all day when working from home, you are probably more likely to feel lazy and get less done. Getting dressed for work can help make you feel more mentally prepared and professional and likely to get more done. This doesn’t mean you have to dress up like you’re heading to the office, but getting out of your PJ’s and making yourself more presentable will help you feel motivated.

Be consistent with your routine

If you travel regularly, it may seem impossible to get into a routine if each day’s schedule is different. However, it is possible to set up routines no matter where you are and be productive. Consistency is key and it’s as simple as rising early, checking emails over coffee and breakfast at the local cafe before sitting down at your desk for the day and getting stuck into work each day should yield results.

Reward yourself with breaks

One of the perks of working from home is that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. But it’s all about balance. Rather than going down the rabbit hole and stream your favourite Netflix show back-to-back, reward yourself with one episode after you’ve completed a big task, or during your lunch break. It’s important to remember, if you don’t take breaks, you’ll be more susceptible to distraction and it can take longer to complete simple tasks. Sometimes taking a 5-minute breather, put a load of washing on, can help revive your motivation and get you back on track.