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Enabling Mothers Returning To Work To Thrive

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​We know diversity in the workplace is good for business. How you enable that diversity can require some thought. This International Women’s Day we look at how we are supporting new mothers returning to work.

Flexible working

All 33er’s can work under our ROWE policy. ROWE = Results only work environment which means you can work anytime anywhere as long as you get your job done. This is great for new mum’s who may need to attend appointments with their little ones or just need a midday power nap to give their best later in the day.

New mother’s room

Our office includes a new mother's room complete with comfy pillows, warm water and a fridge for storing expressed milk. This allows our mums to express and store milk while away from their baby supporting them in continuing to breastfeed (which is great for the mother and the baby).

Empathy and understanding

Becoming a Mum is challenging, and all staff can help by being understanding. This doesn’t mean special treatment, it means taking the time to listen and share in this new chapter with your colleague. Like all challenges, it can bring out new skills. Mum’s are often great at multitasking and prioritizing, and can have an amazing sense of resilience.

Practical help

Giving birth can take its toll on the body so new Mum’s may need a different chair or computer setup to work comfortably and safely in the office. You can also help by offering to bring back food or simply making your new mum colleague a drink.

Most new Mum’s are looking forward to getting back to work and applying their brain to non-baby related problems. With the right support they can thrive, enhancing your business for many years to come.

If you need help with maternity/paternity policies or understanding government paid leave the HR consultancy team at 33 Talent can help. Reach out to Gemma on