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Are we facing an inspiration deficit?

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​Leaders need to reconnect with what it means to inspire their people.

Research conducted by 33 Talent has discovered that one of the biggest challenges that employees in Singapore face today is finding a great mentor or role model. This was closely followed by finding a role that excites and motivates them.

Both these findings suggest that many employees feel there is a lack of inspiration and expertise available for them to tap into and aspire to.

Given that a role model or mentor teaches us some of our best life lessons, and that inspiration helps build engagement and motivate people, its concerning to discover that employees don’t feel they are getting enough of either.

The challenge here is that many organisations focus their employee growth initiatives on the development of hard skills, giving people training in the use of software and processes. Whilst these skills are crucial for succeeding in one’s role, inspiration rarely comes from this type of development.

When employees feel they are growing as individuals, and becoming a better version of themselves, that’s where they begin to feel inspired.

When leaders:

  • Create a compelling vision for employees to work towards achieving

  • Develop a purpose that give employees a sense that they are contributing

  • Live by values that energise and excite people

That’s what inspires.

When the leadership team communicates all of this in a powerful and meaningful way... That’s what inspires.

When the company offers employees the opportunity to be mentored by these strong leaders... That’s what inspires.

If organizations were to ask their employees what they want from their leaders. I’d guarantee that many answers would be along the lines of: ‘someone to learn from’ or ‘someone to inspire me’.

Businesses need to reconnect with what it means to inspire their people and to find ways to create an inspiring environment for their employees. As leaders we have a responsibility to share our wisdom, to teach and support the next generation. We also have a responsibility to ensure that we continuously evolve so that we can provide the inspiration and role modeling that our employees are looking for and need to succeed.

At 33 Talent we coach a number of business leaders who have recognised the importance of their own growth, and how this positively impacts the way they inspire and influence their people. They understand that investing in their development allows them to become better leaders, with better behaviours, values and strategies to pass on to their people. This gives employees someone to look up to, a person that they can strive to be and importantly the inspiration they need to become great themselves.

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