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Shifting into 'thrive' mode: How coaching helps create a more empowered you

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Coaching focuses on empowering people to identify and live out their true calling, both professionally and personally, so that they thrive in all they do. Whether this means evolving into an exceptional leader, expanding a skillset, preparing for transition or finding a new career path, coaching works to expand a person’s perspective and open them up to new possibilities.

When people see the possibility they begin to see choices, and when they see choices they begin to see what they are capable of, and when they see what they are capable of …. You get the picture. Coaching helps people discover the insights, connections, and solutions to create the greatest possible version of themselves, and once they find this they shift into ‘thrive’ mode.

Recently I was exploring what it actually means to thrive and was struck by what happens to us when we’re not thriving. Words like wither, shrivel and decline came up. As human beings when we don’t feel we are growing or expanding there is a real danger that we will begin to shrink into ourselves. This affects our productivity, our energy and our general outlook on life.

Many of the clients we coach at 33 Talent come to us because they are looking for more in their career or life. They have a sense that something is missing, and this leaves them feeling unfulfilled, frustrated or demotivated.

As coaches, we guide and support our clients to discover who they are and what they really want and help them identify the goals and actions that will bring them closer to fulfillment. When a client throws themselves fully into the coaching experience the shifts that take place can be life-changing. A once disheartened and despondent client can transform into a confident, empowered, happy person who is ready to take on the world.

The more people thrive, the more they stretch and challenge themselves. This is where growth takes place and amazing things can happen. As a coach, it is a beautiful thing to see.

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