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How Jumpstart graduates positively impact local companies

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​The Thoughtworks' Jumpstart! program is a 3-month coaching and mentoring program for individuals to build and develop specialised skills in software development using agile engineering and delivery practices to jumpstart their careers in tech - supported by IMDA's Tech Immersion and Placement Program (TIPP).

At the end of each Jumpstart program, we host a Meet & Hire event which brings together the trainees and the potential employers in the IT, Data & tech Industries.

To enable you to see the direct impact on your business we asked a couple of our Jumpstart attendees why they have hired grads from the Jumpstart Program and how it has impacted their business.

This is what Elie Bertha, Solutions Delivery Director from Thunes had to say about his experience with hiring a Jumpstart trainee.

Thunes is a B2B cross-border payments network for emerging market headquartered in Singapore with regional offices in London and New York.

“The ‘jumpstarters’ we have hired have integrated really well. They are a passionate, motivated and energetic bunch and have seamlessly fit into the Thunes culture and the team. They take initiative and are all doing well in their respective areas of focus”.

“The program has added a lot of value to Thunes. It brings candidates from different backgrounds together under the "Software Development" umbrella. Each candidate graduates as a developer but they have their own unique background which in turn brings a number of skills to the table. For example - one of my team members comes from an auditing background - he's great at client-facing, building relationships plus software development.”

“I would absolutely recommend Jumpstart Meet & Hire to other organisations. If organisations are willing to train and support and appreciate the fact that each Jumpstarter brings various skills and strengths to the table, they should definitely give it a shot”.

We also asked Siddharth Krish, Head of software development at Moneysmart how their Jumpstart employee integrated into their team.

“The people who joined us from the program were given the opportunity to work with different teams over their induction (first 3 months) with the intention of helping find the right fit and exposing them to various disciplines. They were very open to this and found that they were interested in different things like front end development or DevOps”.

Siddharth found that the Jumpstart hires were very motivated individuals who were hungry for knowledge. “They were happy to work on any task and also looked to dabble with different skills which is a great outcome for us”.

“I’d absolutely recommend the event to other organizations. With mentorship and guidance from senior staff, graduates from this program are very motivated".

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