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Here Are 5 Ways To Attract The Best Talent In Tech - Part 2

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​In part 1 I shared 3 tips to winning talent in the tech space. A quick recap on my top 3:

1. Develop a strong employer brand

2. Creating a positive candidate experience

3. Leverage on tech communities

These are all strategies that savvy tech companies are using to attract talent but here are two more for you, that are super relevant and important and cannot be forgotten.

4. Hire for drive, not pedigrees

Traditional job descriptions typically come with a long list of credentials and work experience requirements that may exclude young talent who may even be savvier with newer technologies and languages compared to their pedigree senior peers.

Unfortunately, academic pedigree has become a convenient crutch for hirers using it as a superficial reassurance that they are making the right call. By purely seeking out for credentials during the screening process, HR managers risk missing out on great talent. This approach may have worked for the last decade but in this ever-changing digital landscape, some of the best talent in tech are self-taught!

Being able to find a balance between potential and experience can cultivate a thriving work environment where experienced candidates have the drive to teach and new talent with the courage to learn. Broadening the hiring perimeters may take more effort in the process but you will be rewarded with candidates with drive and motivation to grow the business with you.

5. Work with recruitment partners

Lastly, due to inevitable hiring peaks and troughs throughout the year, no internal hiring team is the right size all year round. Working with a dedicated recruitment partner will not only help with hiring needs strategically and can be more cost-effective for your business.

At 33 Talent, we have several recruitment services for your consideration depending on your hiring needs.

Our retained service offers a dedicated extensive search while working with an expert consultant in the field. You will receive weekly reports, volume discounts, and most importantly 100% success rate.

We also have a subscription service that suits ongoing recruitment support throughout the year at a monthly flat-rate fee. This option offers dedicated recruitment support and onsite talent consulting acting just like an extended HR team. The best part is this service runs for as little as $4000 SGD a month.

Find out more about our recruitment services here.

Hope you find the above tips useful for your next recruitment search. If you would like to discuss further or chat about the market, feel free to reach out to me at April@33talent.com.