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Here Are 5 Ways To Attract The Best Talent In Tech - Part 1

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​There has never been a more exciting time to work in tech. Roles that used to seem boring or best left to a geeky IT expert are now more sought after than ever before. Roles in software/mobile development, data and UX design are in high demand. In this talent-short market, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you must adapt your hiring strategies to attract the best talent in tech.

Based on my experience of what works, I am going to post my top 5 hiring tips on how you can attract the best talent in tech over the next 2 weeks. Let’s start with my top 3:

1. Develop a strong employer brand

Job-seekers are no longer only motivated by monetary gains, i.e: a higher remuneration package. They care about work culture and are drawn to brands that are authentic and are making an impact on society. An insight into a company’s culture, career progression and team is now a must. It is essential for companies to create an authentic brand message so potential candidates know what to expect as an employee. The brand voice must be consistent across all channels, from social media to one-on-one conversations with the recruitment team.

Your employees are your best brand ambassadors. Being able to build brand advocacy through your employees will allow outsiders to have a better understanding of what goes on inside the company. You may want to allow your employees some freedom on social media and provide platforms for them to build their own brand by sharing elements of their working lives with others. Strategically using these posts from employees on your social networks and hiring sites will help elevate employer branding in an authentic manner.


2. Creating a positive candidate experience

A common mistake made by internal recruiters is to focus heavily on candidates who progress through interview stages and neglecting to provide feedback for those who don’t. Poor candidate experience will stop candidates from referring to others who might be a better fit for the role. Providing a positive candidate experience from start to finish will set you apart from companies that don’t care.

You can redefine your interview process from interview training workshops. An interview training workshop not only benefits HR and talent acquisition teams but it also benefits first-time managers with very little interview experience. At 33 Talent, we have various types of workshops structured around your specific needs. Find out more here.

3. Leveraging tech communities

There are many thriving local tech communities you can leverage on to broaden your talent reach. These communities attract passionate talent with similar interests to socialise and learn from each other. Many people in attendance may be looking for a job or, at the very least, testing the waters to see what opportunities are out there.

Check out SGInnovate and UXSG for great themed events to attend.

It is worthwhile establishing a presence in the local tech scene to organically let the community learn more about your company and that you are looking to hire. You may also take a proactive approach by organising your own events by collaborating with an organiser.

If you are looking to hire fresh talent, JumpStart’s Meet & Hire recruitment event is a great place to start. Supported by IMDA, Thoughtworks JumpStart program is an immersive 3-month coaching and mentoring program for individuals to build and develop specialised skills in software development using agile engineering and delivery practices to jumpstart their careers in tech. The trainees are either mid-career switchers or fresh graduates looking for their first tech role. They all have a few things in common - they have the drive, motivation and a hunger for learning new skills.

Find out more about JumpStart here.

Stay tuned for the last 2 tips next week. But if you want to fast forward you can get in touch and I’m happy to discuss further or chat about the market. You will find me here April@33talent.com.