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33 Talent announces new Head of Coaching

Cat Muspratt-Williams

​33 Talent has hired Catriona Muspratt-Williams as Head of Coaching, to lead the development and innovation of this thriving segment of the 33 Talent business.

Known for its success in recruitment and HR services, 33 Talent has launched the new division to complete the full service offering they provide as a talent consultancy. “We have always promised to disrupt the world of recruitment, and in developing a coaching offer alongside our existing recruitment and HR suite of services, we have fully committed to all the needs our clients and candidates have when thinking about developing their business or their own careers. There is so much potential in this area and Cat has exactly the right skills and passion to take the lead, says MD, Kathryn Woof.

“Our coaching offer is built around the belief that everyone is full of possibility and that once tapped into these possibilities will lead to significant shifts in performance, engagement and leadership impact. My role as a coach is to guide people to discover what’s possible, for them to see what they’re capable of and to support them in integrating these learnings so that they can achieve more. Having clarity and direction about what they want leads to a whole range of positive outcomes that benefit both the individual, as well as an organisation,” says Cat.

Woof adds “our mission is to help our clients be better, more confident leaders and for our candidates to find their true purpose and path in their career.”

Prior to qualifying as a professional coach, Head of Coaching, Catriona Muspratt-Williams spent 20 years creating and building successful insight businesses at 3 of the top communications agencies across multiple markets. “I had a knack for leading and creating teams and cultures that thrived, where people trusted and supported one another and as a result performed at their best. That is what I will continue doing here at 33 Talent,” says Cat.

“As a lifelong student of human behaviour, and someone who loves to lead and see people grow, I decided that my passion and expertise could be put to use in a different and more rewarding way. And so, I trained and qualified as a coach – and it’s one of the best moves I ever made.”

The Institute of Coaching cites that 70% of individuals who receive coaching benefited from improved work performance, relationships and more effective communication skills. Forbes digs into just how this works when it comes to taking leaders to the next level.

“Regardless of what we do or what positions we hold,” says Cat “everyone needs to know they have a cheerleader in their corner. Someone who can provide a space for us to be seen and heard but will also challenge and push us to become even better than we are. That is exactly what we do when we coach.”

33 Talent continues to lead the way in HR innovation in Singapore. For comments or more information please contact Cat at