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Why Does Subscription Work For Our Clients?

Think Outside The Box

When I was approached about recruitment of an Account Manager for a successful independent agency I was delighted to help. This particular agency, although new to the scene had made quite an impression on the industry!

My recruiter instincts sprung into action and got straight to bringing together a shortlist.

Success - living the recruitment dream!

But when that same agency presented me with a second brief within a month of their new AM starting, I wondered… Is adhoc recruitment really the most efficient and cost effective way to recruit for this mid sized boutique?

Our suggestion? A Recruitment Subscription! Subscription is a recruitment product created for businesses just like this one, looking to make multiple hires throughout the year.

Subscription is an always-on model which gives our clients Recruitment as a Service for a monthly fee.

And why did it work so well?

Value for money

Netflix isn’t asking you to pay for a full year of entertainment up front and neither are we. The cost of annual recruitment is broken down into 12 bite sized chunks allowing our client to plan their recruitment spend. Regardless of the seniority of the hire, the cost doesn’t change and even when they ran out of ‘recruitment credits’, they simply topped up with an extra credit at a supplementary fee.

Dedicated recruitment partner

Once the recruitment credit had been activated, it was action stations. Our subscription client is at the top priority so all hands were on deck with a dedicated specialist recruiter leading each project. We fine tuned the process with every project, making each job brief more efficient than the last.

This is an ‘always-on’ service meaning that even when we weren’t working on a live recruitment credit, we were networking into our specialist area of PR and communications acting as a brand ambassador and proactively bringing talent forward for pipelining.

We knew the company so well that when they did need to recruit outside out the 33 Talent main 3 practice groups of communications, digital and tech, it wasn’t an issue. We’re recruitment experts and we were now experts in our clients business too! In this model we truly believe we work with our client as a talent partner, and not just a service provider filling ad hoc jobs.

Added benefit of HR consultancy support

The subscription offers substantial cost savings for our client with the added benefits of HR Consultancy hours which they use for a host of services to help attract, hire and engage potential candidates and existing employees.

This included shortlisting, employee surveys, creation and design of Job Descriptions; provide a process and structure, researched benefits packages, 1-on-1 career coaching sessions with the team and workshops to help our client with their own recruitment processes.

And in the end….

Throughout all of this, we learned more and more about the team, their clients, have became true partners, an extension to the team and ambassadors.

The AM has since been promoted to an Account Director and with a stable team, the business is able to divert their focus away from recruitment and more towards engaging their existing team.

Oh, and did I mention that our subscription service won gold for "Most Innovative Recruitment Strategy" at the 2019 Asia Recruitment Awards?

If you're considering multi hires over the year and looking for a little more value add from your recruiter, take a look at our subscription service here or get in touch directly at Kathryn@33talent.com. The service runs from as little as $4000 per month!

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