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HR As A Subscription

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​Can you remember a time when you didn’t have Netflix, iTunes, Spotify or any of the many other subscriptions we take for granted and access every day? And you also might remember companies like Kodak, Blockbuster and HMV who refused to innovate until it was too late and now, they live in the brand graveyard of great companies that once lived……

Subscription services aren’t that new but they have dramatically changed the way people consume and made our lives better in the process. They have literally changed the game in industries like music and entertainment, and we don’t see why recruitment can’t join them.

So, we decided to flip the switch and turn the HR game on its end because we think that subscription is something that not only applies to entertainment.

Because we are rule breakers and innovative thinkers (we like to think :)), we’ve built a recruitment & HR subscription service, which gives companies access to the best talent, best recruiters, and strategic HR advice and support, all bundled into a monthly service. Whaaat? You mean like Spotify for HR…..

This is not a misprint. You read correctly!

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Who’s it for?

Technically any company could sign up, but when we built this, we focused on our clients who were small-medium size companies, who didn’t have their own HR team, and where the bulk of recruitment responsibility falls to senior management. We had met with so many companies who had reached a certain size in their growth, that internal referrals could no longer supply the demand for new hires and suddenly hiring the right people had become a business-critical issue.

Internal HR vs Subscription

We offer a subscription at around the same cost as the monthly salary of a HR Manager*, but with many extra benefits:

  • Predictable, low monthly cost

  • Always-on service (no sick leave or holiday, so you’re always covered)

  • Access to an entire team of specialists (recruiters, marketing & strategy experts)

  • Strategic forecasting and talent pipeline management

  • Easy to add on modules for retention or engagement

  • 100% customisable to your business needs and budget

Sounds too good to be true? Well it’s not. Creating innovative products that our clients love is what we do here at 33Talent.

And wouldn’t it make an amaaaaaazing gift for your HR Manager at Christmas. It would take them from a one (wo)man show to having an entire team at their disposal. (hey, Christmas is closer than what you think!)

How does it work?

Step by step guide

How do I get started?

Email kathryn@33talent.com to discuss how subscription could work for your business, or to hear about our other talent consultancy services.

If you want to get a head start, you'll find some more detail here also