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Women, the SDGs, Us, and You.


​The sustainable development goals (SDGs) are a road map for a fairer, safer world which leaves no-one behind. Empowering women plays a key part in making this vision a reality.

To achieve the SDGs everyone needs to play a part, so back in July (during the 33 Talent End of Year review), we asked ourselves how we could contribute as a business? Supporting women is a common theme in many of the goals, therefore, we agreed to support Image Mission - a charity here in Singapore that enables women to get the work they deserve.

Every Wednesday morning you’ll find a 33er at Image Mission’s office in Macpherson. This cozy office has interview rooms, computers for CV writing and a selection of interview clothes. We spend that morning listening, coaching, mentoring and supporting women looking for work, who have been referred to the “Dress for Success” program. Dress for Success is a global program that aims to empower women to achieve economic independence. Once we’ve helped with the interview prep, a stylist takes over and makes sure these women feel the part when “going out there” to get a job. The women leave with a tool kit of interview skills, an outfit to impress, and more confidence; and we leaving feeling proud to be part of an organisation that is making a difference.

This week we can also give Image Mission a monetary donation thanks to our coach Nicola Payne. Nicola spent two days last week offering career coaching sessions in exchange for donations at WeWork 8 Cross Street. Those who were coached got an hour of Nicola’s expertise and Image Mission got the donation. In an hour Nicola could only give a taste of the power of coaching but it was certainly thought provoking.

Sometimes we all need a bit of thought provoking. It’s easy to get caught up in life and lose sight of the bigger picture. This International Women’s Day let’s take a moment to recognize our world has problems, but let’s also recognise that women often possess the ideas and qualities for leadership to solve these problems. Most important let’s celebrate! Celebrate the teams of people all over the world who are asking how can we help? If we can all help a little, the sustainable development goals will become reality, which makes a better world for us all.

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