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Why the interview process is such an important part of your employer brand


I recently saw a Linkedin post about an employee who was leaving Dixons after 12 years, and what a great employment experience one employee had with them from start to finish. What Mark wrote about the recruitment process, summed up the impact and importance of the interview process perfectly: “I was into an 8th stage interview with a Chicago-based company and they still couldn't decide. Dixons, 1 HR interview, 1 line manager interview and offer was on the table. A no brainer to go for a decisive company with people and a culture I liked”

A no brainer.

When we start working with new clients, we really can’t stress enough the importance of keeping interview and recruitment processes as short as possible, while still taking the time needed to get to know each other. (Making an offer after one 30 minute meeting doesn’t work out either!)

For the majority of roles one HR interview, one line manager interview, and one “meet-the-team” session should give you the data and understanding of whether you can work together, especially if the process is designed with purpose. For technical roles you’ll probably have a technical test as well, but in reality you should be able to complete all of these interviews within 2 weeks of seeing the CV, and have an offer together the week after the final interview.

You have to remember that the best talent will be interviewing at multiple companies, so by keeping your process quick, you’ll show candidates that you are effective and decisive, which will be in your favour when they are weighing up offers. The interview process is the first impression they have of working with you, so make it a good one, otherwise you’ll lose out on some great employees! Furthermore, of the 5 (average) or so applicants that will meet you, you’re only hiring one. That’s 4 people that go back into the market with an impression of the company made up purely from their interaction with you during the interview process.

Even with the best intentions it can still be hard to stick to these timelines, so if you’d like to improve your interview process 33 Talent has developed V10 - a managed interview process with guaranteed results. As one client said:

Time to recruit has significantly dropped, which means we're not compromising on candidate requirements through having to just get bodies in the door, and a lot of our managers’ time is freed up from not doing endless interviews. I've never got a hire approved by our FD faster than 33 Talent's. The detail on the candidate profiles backs up all hiring decisions.

You can contact rob@33talent.com to find out more about V10, and all the best with your hiring for 2018!

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