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After a few years in the Oil and Gas industry, a Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering graduate, Xin Fang has finally decided to make the move to software development. She enjoys programming, has done a few courses online as well and is all set to JumpStart her career as a software developer.


She has had the experience of working with data and data processing in one of her previous roles and would is open to roles within that space as well. She comes across as someone who is motivated to start afresh and give it her best shot in doing so.

Data Driven



Recently graduated from SMU with an Accounting degree but during his course, he realised that he was leaning towards software engineering instead. He started coding on the side and then decided to take part in the JumpStart programme to develop a strong programming base.


He is extremely keen on companies within the Blockchain, AI and Fintech space and would love to grow more in that field but as off now, looking to start his career as a full-time developer. He is also fluent in Japanese. Brian is cheerful, confident and would be a great fit for any agile team.

Passion for Blockchain & Fintech



She has a strong track record as a Project Manager at GIC, where she did a mix of project management, implementation, systems maintenance and support activities and then decided to pivot her career to software development.


Her previous experience has helped her to learn fast and pick up programming - she is leaning towards being focused on the front end but open to full stack roles as well. She has been a team leader in her previous roles and has the experience and maturity to take a lead on projects, liaise with clients and manage things from an end to end standpoint.

Quick Learner, Client Facing



Shun graduated from the Nanyang Technological University in 2013 with a business degree and has served as an Assistant Director at the Singapore Judicial College which comes under the Supreme Court of Singapore and as an Executive Manager at the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA in numerous operations related roles.


During his time at these places, he began attending tech meetups which led to an interest in the space. He has been coding on the side dabbling with React, MongoDB, Express and is now looking to start afresh as a full-time developer.

Hobbyist Turned Developer



With 7 years of corporate investigation experience in Singapore’s principal financial crime-fighting unit, with more than 4 years managing a team - Delphine has taken the plunge to be to a developer.


She feels her key strength is the ability to solve problems and apply logic which can be helpful in the world of software development.


Open to pure technology as well as a role where she might need to take on more from a business standpoint, Delphine is someone who could fit well in small as well as big teams and will strive to deliver her absolute best.

Financial Crime Fighter



Sheldon is an insurance professional with over 10 years of advisory and consultancy experience and has decided to move to software development as he is extremely passionate about technology and would like to have a deeper understanding of how things work.


His objective is simple: He wants to learn as many technologies as he can through this programme, get a sense and feel of what it is to work in an agile team and finally, get a role as a developer with a company where he can continue to learn and grow. He comes across as someone who is dedicated, motivated and is someone who can be depended upon to get the work done.

Motivated Career Switcher



Calvin is keen on mobile development (iOS)  and has worked on a few side projects focussed as well to get a better sense of how it works.


Prior to the JumpStart programme, he was in New Zealand where he was working as an IT generalist at the library - doing tech support, application support, data cleansing, analytics, to the occasional software development of prototypes and software tools.


Through this ThoughtWorks JumpStart Programme, he hopes to become a specialist in software development and be taught the current software development best practices.

Mobile Developer in the Making



Co-organiser of TechLadies, Min has built an efficient, scalable web application to streamline Bootcamp application process with automatic mailer, assessment and scoring features to bring about time savings exceeding 60% for the main stakeholder; tech stack: Ruby on Rails, Github, Heroku, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap.


Through this programme, she is looking to launch her career as a full-time developer.  She is extremely well presented, has a pleasant personality and would be a great addition to any tech team.

"Women In Tech" Champion



His background is in sales and marketing but he’s always been interested in tech, especially  AI. He developed data science chops and python programming skills in the General Assembly as its first batch of Data Science Immersive students and is now in this programme to broaden his knowledge and gain more experience.


His dream is to have an AI company of his own, someday but for now, he is looking to take on a role as a developer preferably with an AI company but open to others as well. His previous experience coupled with his confident, pleasant attitude makes him one of the star trainees in this batch and a great potential for any tech team.

AI Focused Career Switcher



Young and motivated to make a difference, Sebastian is fresh out of  army. He worked as an intern programmer for a consultancy, specialising in React and joined this programme to grow and hone those skills.


He is looking to start his career as a developer, learns, grow and work on new technologies. He does come across as someone who is shy and quiet but is a hard worker and will aim to give his best.

Quiet But Motivated


Jumpstart is a 3-month coaching and mentoring program for individuals to build and develop specialised skills in software development using agile engineering and delivery practices to jumpstart their careers in tech - run by Thoughtworks and supported by IMDA's Tech Immersion and Placement Program (TIPP). 33 Talent is the official talent partner of the programme.