Wave 2.3 OJT: 1st October 2021 - 30th June 2022
Wave 3.1 OJT: 1st July 2022
Programme Requirements

Only Singaporeans or PRs, who are currently not employed, who have not previously taken part in a IMDA funded programme (e.g. CLT or TIPP) are eligible for this Skills Ignition programme.

The first 3 months training

You will be provided with a handbook/schedule a week before the training starts. The training will be combination of online learning, group work and project work. Once you are assigned a place please reach out to your training partner directly: Agilytics for Cloud and Avado for Digital Marketing.

Stipend and Overtime

You will receive a monthly Stipend for the 9 month programme, made up of 3 months vocational training then 6 months on-the-job (OJT) training.  Please note there is no overtime allowance, which the OJT companies (Host Companies) are aware of. 

How will I be paid?

You will be paid monthly into an SG bank account. In your first week of work you will be invited to Justlogin our payroll software. You will then need to enter your own bank details so we can pay you. Please also check that the other data in Justlogin is correct.


This is an incredible training opportunity which is also paid, so we hope you’re feeling amped about that already!  As well as being paid the Stipend, 33 Talent will offer you all statutory benefits currently in Singapore including paid annual leave.  We also offer plenty of soft perks that we know you’re going to love - access to career planning tips and resources, exclusive and free of charge access to workshops, and group coaching sessions for the duration of your time on the Skills Ignition SG programme.  

Annual Leave

Your leave entitlement is 5 days in the 9 months and we encourage you to take it - everyone needs regular breaks in order to work effectively! 

What happens if I want to take more/less than the entitled number of leaves?

If you have exceeded your prorated holiday entitlement, 33 Talent will deduct a payment in lieu of days holiday taken in excess of your prorated holiday entitlement. If you have holiday entitlement still owing, 33 Talent will require you to take your leave during your last week of your placement.

Sick Leave and compensation

Please inform us and your line manager as soon as possible if you are on sick leave. Please obtain a Medical Certificate from a medical practitioner registered under the Medical Registration Act or Dental Registration Act. If you would like to be reimbursed for your GP visit please visit an approved medical institution listed here.

Your sick leave entitlement is shown here under pro-rated paid sick leave.

Can I take leave in the first 3 months?

You are not entitled to paid leave in the first 3 months of the programme. If you need to take leave get in touch so we can make arrangements. You will be responsible for managing your work so you still complete your training.

Is there medical cover?

There is no medical benefit provided during this programme. Only medical consultations resulting in at least one day of paid sick leave, and with a medical certificate from an approved public medical institution will be reimbursed.

What is the notice period?

You are strongly encouraged to complete the full 9 months to gain maximum benefit from this opportunity. If you do need to leave the notice period is 30 days.

How will my performance be evaluated?

33 Talent will check in with your host company every 4-6 weeks to hear how things are going.  We will also check in with you just as regularly - we’d love to hear your feedback.  IMDA asks for records of the check ins and they’re an important way for all the partners involved in the Skills Ignition SG programme to provide feedback on progress and performance.  You will be evaluated based on 9 months attendance.

Can I expect a job offer at the end of the OJT training from the host company that I have been with?

Host companies don’t necessarily have a vacancy for Trainees once the programme ends.  However, 33 Talent will help you look into the job market as your training programme comes to an end.  If the host does have a job and you want to interview for it, we can help you check it out. You are also eligible to join the Skills Ignition SG Outplacement Programme after graduation.

Are there opportunities to try for jobs with other companies that hosted OJT trainees?

Sure!  We will be helping the Skills Ignition SG community network with each other, to make sure you benefit as much as possible.  Once your training programme has finished, if there are other companies with vacancies that you’d like to check out, we’re here to help you.  

Can I network and stay in touch with Skills Ignition SG alumni?

Definitely.  We’d love you to benefit from the programme even once the training has finished. In the first 3 months you will be working in groups so make friends, have fun and build your network!

Who will be my employer?

33 Talent will be your employer for the duration of the 9 month training programme.  When you are on-site with our great hosts we hope you feel like part of the team but please don’t claim to be employed by your host or  Google. You may like to state on social media you are a “Digital Marketing trainee (via 33Talent)” or a “Cloud Technology trainee (via 33Talent)”.

Who do I contact if I have a question around taking leave, sickness, or any other HR related questions?

Your 33 Talent Community Manager, Ramya Veerappan.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my duties or the work I’m assigned?

The contact at your host company, who assigns you work, will be able to answer any day to day questions you have about the OJT training and work that you’re involved in.

Where can I find career planning tips and resources?

There is a resource banner on the Trainee Portal web page - please check it out! You will also get live coaching sessions at the programme kick off, before you move to the OJT part of the programme, and in the last 2-3 months to prepare you for finding a job after the programme. You are also eligible to join the Skills Ignition SG Outplacement Programme after graduation.