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Defining Vision

A moment’s thought will quickly tell you that a mission statement answers the question, "Why does my business exist?" while a vision statement answers the question, "Where do I see my business going?"

But whose job is it to set a vision statement and is it important?


33 Talent runs workshops with leadership teams to get to the nub of the question there hasn’t always been time to ask: ‘Vision, what is it and why should we care?’

A vision statement says what the organization wishes to be like in in the future. Senior management would usually draw this up to create a clear, memorable destiny which subsequent strategic thinking can be hung from.

Once crafted, vision statements can be displayed on walls, websites, appraisal documents, spoken about in team meetings, or used by senior leadership teams to keep thinking on track and aspirational.

Your completed vision statement will give your employees a clear idea of your company's path forward. Then, it's up to you to nurture and support that vision and to inspire your employees to do the same.


A quick way to kick start discussions is to ask three simple questions and find out how aligned your leadership already is:

  • What do we do?

  • What could we be doing?

  • What’s stopping us?

This will help you work out the status quo, the dreams for the future and to define your challenges. You’re now one step closer to defining your vision.

Dream big, be daring, and don’t be afraid of emotional statements. It’s time to enjoy the ride!