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Onboarding: How to make it meaningful

You’ve just been through the recruitment process, chosen your star applicant. You, the team and the customers have a lot of hope for the new person coming on board.

They’ve chosen you and may feel a little nervous and a lot excited about starting their new role.

STOP AND ASK: Why is a successful induction process important right now?

Harness this! There will never be another time to inspire and set the vision like now. Ok, there might be if you run a kick-ass End of Financial Year rally, but you’re working with raw hope and ambition when someone starts with you and it’s an amazingly effective time to tap into someone’s motivations.

Strategic Performance Ever started a job yourself and spent hours aimlessly waiting for the next set of instructions or your new boss to find the time to head over and continue the tour? Then two weeks later you’re in full swing and drowning in work, still unsure of the company’s strategy or where day to day essential documents are kept.

Wouldn’t it have been inspiring to have used those empty hours in your first month to immerse yourself in your new company’s house style, learn their pitch and absorb their vision – creating plans on how you’re going to play your part.

This can only happen if the onboarding is planned, assigned, to some degree automated with every new person getting the same exposure to the big goals and the nuts and bolts.

Efficiencies No managers want to have to create the learning experience from scratch every time they onboard someone new. Your managers and leaders have much better things to do with their time than answer a question about a day to day matter, for the seventh new hire this year.

Automate your onboarding process, from creating a knowledge centre, to producing a HR handbook that answers all the day to day questions, and a turnkey guide to being successful in your company.

Your managers can present this in person, inspire, then handover to the new employee. They’ve now got the answers in their own hands.

Dude, where’s my toolkit? 33 Talent runs workshops with leadership teams to audit, understand and create toolkits that ensure a successful onboarding experience every time.

Best Practice cheatsheet:

  • A well designed induction should take place over a number of weeks, even months. During this time, employees need to assimilate a great deal of information.

  • Each piece of new information has a purpose.

  • Many people can be involved in an induction process. It’s not a one-wo/man job!

  • Having a structured process, with one ultimate owner, makes it easy for every new member of staff to have a thorough, inspiring and productive introduction to their new job.

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