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Pay It Forward

Earlier this week I was asked to comment on an article by Human Resources Magazine “3 ways for leaders to build a happier workplace” by Aditi Sharma Kalra. The article focused on promoting mental health, empowerment and trust within your team - a topic we here at 33 Talent feel strongly about.

For 33 Talent, a happy workforce comes down to giving all of our employees complete control over when and where they work. We are the only certified ROWE (Results Only Work Environment) in APAC, which means that we focus on supporting our team to get the results they need, not on them being in work for a certain number of hours, or working from a certain location.

That means our employees can fit their work around their lives and not the other way around - whether working around childcare, going to the gym at an “off-peak” time, or taking a spontaneous long weekend. The result? An empowered, happy team!

The health benefits of ROWE are multitude but fundamentally by setting clear goals and then giving employees the tools, support and frameworks to work to but on their time and place terms, that 'control' of their life means they can prioritise learning, diet, exercise, social (family) time and other elements that keeps their wheel of life full on each spoke. Reduced stress and increased productivity are just some of the many benefits we see in our employees.

Furthermore, according to most respected studies, by 2025 80% of the workforce will be millennials and 50% contingent. Old management structures and industrial workplace practices just will not cope and most companies just don't have any effective and efficient way of managing people in the fourth industrial revolution we are now entering. Regarding the above benefits of ROWE, these are fundamental as the 4IR will have a huge impact on not only what we do but also who we are. This is all ranging from how we see ourselves to how, when and what we do for work and leisure, how we develop our skills, careers, compete, and socialise.

Realising it can be all too easy to get caught up in your company’s daily grind and forgetting about the wellbeing of your employees a while back, we created our own 6 Step Guide to Managing Your Team's Motivation (Hint: It’s 100% focused on management ‘Paying it Forward’) which ties in quite nicely with Aditi’s views. You can download the guide here.