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One Step Closer

I got a real rush of pride when I opened up Slack this morning to see the news that 33 Talent had been nominated as finalists in 2 categories at the Asia Recruitment Awards (run by Human Resources Magazine): Best Recruitment Innovation and Best Client Service.

We’ve been nominated and won awards before, but this time feels even better because we’re getting so much closer to doing the work we’ve always wanted to do as a business. Whether or not we win either award, I’m really proud to be working with a team that works so hard to do something different and valuable for our clients.

In 2015 80% the work we did was still contingent recruitment (the “traditional” style of recruitment where we get briefed by a client, and paid if and when we find the candidate that gets a job with them. We’ve always worked hard to make this work for our clients if that’s the route they want to take, but it’s definitely not the best solution for the client or for us). In total contrast, in 2016 we only did 45% contingent recruitment – a huge change. The other 55% is now split between 30% retained recruitment and 25% talent consultancy services.

I’ve been with 33 Talent for nearly 4 1/2 years now so I know this change isn’t an overnight fluke, but the result of years of building close relationships, consulting with clients, educating the market, a very clear vision on the part of Rob Fanshawe and Kathryn Woof and a lot of hard work from the whole team past and present!.

We haven’t “officially” promoted our consultancy services yet to the wider market (coming soon!), but we’ve already seen a huge uptake from our existing clients. In the past year we’ve run a whole range of projects for clients - ranging from teleconferencing robots (yes, really), to weekly 1:1 coaching/management sessions with our contractors, to training whole corporate teams of internal recruiters in personal branding, to culture definition workshops, to global salary benchmarking exercises.

To give a really brief overview, these new services can vary wildly depending on the specific needs of our client, but they always fall under one of three Solution Groups:

Talent Acquisition (strategy, systems, process and solutions focused on the cycle of acquiring talent for your business)

Talent Engagement (strategy, systems, process and solutions focused on the cycle of retaining talent for your business)

Talent Management (strategy, systems, process and solutions focused on the outsourcing delivery and management of some or all of your talent solution needs)

I’ll end with a extract from an email we received a few weeks back, totally unsolicited, from one client who wanted to introduce us to one of his own contacts.

“When you told me you'd banned all recruiters last year I promised I would introduce you to a recruiter that legitimately adds a lot of value to the process. There are 3 things that set 33 Talent apart from other recruiters we've worked with:

  1. They've really taken the time to understand our requirements, created detailed hiring profiles, and in the case of DevOps we hired the first candidate they sent us after 1 interview round after they did a thorough pre-screening interview.

  2. I've never got a hire approved by our FD faster than 33 Talent's. The detail on the candidate profiles backs up all hiring decisions.

  3. Time to recruit has significantly dropped, which means we're not compromising on candidate requirements through having to just get bodies in the door, and a lot of our managers team is freed up from not doing endless interviews.

They also have a whole bunch of other consulting services that we're dipping in and out of.”

Reading things like this makes me so proud of everyone I work with, for the amazing service they provide, you guys rock!