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5 (Free) Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Page More Appealing to Job Seekers

LinkedIn has become the go-to social network for employers and job seekers. If you’re hiring, the social network has all the tools and resources to showcase your company's benefits to the best candidates. You simply need to know how to use it to your advantage. Below we discuss five free ways to make your LinkedIn page more appealing to job seekers.

1) Your Page Will Show Up On Google Search

​Your Linkedin page is likely to be one of the first results that shows up when people google your company name, thanks to Linkedin’s own high investment in SEO

So you need to make sure your Linkedin page contains up-to-date information and gives a positive impression to everyone who visits the site. Once they are on your page the first thing they see is your header and description:

Get your key message into the first 2 lines of text so anyone visiting your page knows exactly what you do, and make sure you have a welcoming image that fits in with your brand. A photo/s of your employees is one of the easiest ways to do this.

Bonus tip: There’s a new layout coming soon to Linkedin pages, which uses much of the same info, but with a different layout. Here’s a sneak preview:

2) How You're Connected

Another clearly visible in the top part of the page is the connections section, which also shows up when you do a search for the company in linkedin. This is another freebie that you should make the most of! Get your employees to update their profiles with clear, “on brand” images and make sure they have a complete profile, with a short statement about your company, so that if anyone takes a look at their pages there is a consistent message between profiles.

3) Look at Popular LinkedIn Company Pages

Find out what works on LinkedIn by checking out the top company pages on LinkedIn. This will give you some ideas and help you figure out what makes that page so appealing to job seekers and how to make yours do the same. A few of the top pages include Accenture, Burson-Marsteller, Hubspot, Cisco, and Blis. Since your goal is to attract job seekers be sure to look at their career sections to see what to do on your own. Pay close attention to their company description, job descriptions, company culture information, and how they showcase their new job offerings. Review top LinkedIn company pages regularly to check for updates and to keep up with the major players.

4) Engage with Your Followers and Job Seekers

LinkedIn is a social network, but it’s not like Twitter or Facebook. It’s a professional, business network designed to bring employers and potential employees together. Take advantage of that by engaging and connecting with potential employees, job seekers, followers, and other companies. Post relevant content related to your company’s activities, news, industry-related information, and other information that helps boost your brand, establish trust and thought leadership. Other engaging content includes training events, employee testimonials, customer testimonials, job announcements, recruiting events, press releases, and blog articles.Our recommendation is to post at least once a week, once a day (or more) is ideal, so that anytime a user checks out your page there is fresh and relevant content for them to read.

5) Leverage Your Creativity

On LinkedIn you may post a wide range of content like images, videos, and links to websites. As long as you stick to your industry, it’s okay to get creative. For instance, when you’re trying to attract job seekers, a short video that describes your company culture, announces specific job openings, recognises an employee for a job well done, or introduces company staff members will communicate volumes to your audience.

Use these ideas to create a company page that draws job seekers and to make LinkedIn tools and resources work for your company.