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Results Focused Hiring

33 Talent has always been a ROWE (Results Only Work Environment) so when we heard of the Performance Based Hiring framework created by Lou Adler, which is totally focused on results, we became instant fans! The framework is perfect for focusing on the results you want from a new hire, rather than the usual vague job descriptions which don’t really tell prospective new hires what is expected of them. 33 Talent has developed a 10 step process for simplicity and success in the hiring process (more on that later!), but to start you on your way, here are 3 tips to become more focused on results:


Typical job descriptions list elements of the job such as required skills, academic qualifications, personality traits, and years of experience. Generally focused on arbitrary criteria, they categorise jobseekers as either right or wrong for the role by focusing on where job seekers have been, as opposed to their ability to meet results, and perform the job well.

When reflecting on individual roles it is easy to pinpoint 5 to 8 essential functions that will reflect an employee’s performance. Non negotiable job functions such as “Increase new business by 2 clients per month” or “Develop a marketing automation processes” create results focused performance objectives that clearly outline to potential employees what will make them successful in the position.


After you have created an efficient job description, it can – and should - be used to create your interview questions and for reference during the interview. Use this new, results-oriented job description as a tool in your hiring process. In interviews, ask the candidate to describe a significant related accomplishment to each of your key objectives outlined in the job description.


Your job descriptions have already given your employees clearly defined goals over their first few months with your company. For example at 33 Talent we run reviews for every employee every 6 months, which focuses on the results they’ve achieved and want to achieve over the next 6 months, alongside weekly manager/team updates. Rather than pulling out a review template the employee has never seen before use them as the basis of your employee performance reviews to evaluate the work of your employees. It’s clear, concise and a ‘no-surprises’ type approach to managing your employees first results focused employment review. (All credit for the Performance Based Hiring framework goes to Lou Adler)