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5 (FREE) Ways to Make your Linkedin Page More Appealing to Employers

So you’re looking for a new job, you’ve got a Linkedin account, but you’re looking to give yourself an extra edge? Look no further! LinkedIn is an underutilised social network for job seekers. It could be due to the lack of knowing how to efficiently use this social networking platform. LinkedIn is more than your average social network, and it should be optimised for today’s job seekers in order to find and land that perfect job.

Just like any tool a job seeker uses to find job listings, it’s crucial that your LinkedIn profile is optimised to catch the attention of employers that you want to reach. It will only take a bit of work, and that work will be well worth it after you get the job you want. Here are five, free useful tips for creating a LinkedIn page that is highly appealing to employers

  1. USE WELL THOUGHT OUT EMPLOYMENT DATA Unlike your standard resume that should be designed for a specific industry or employer, your LinkedIn profile page allows you to provide more details about your work experience, skills, and hobbies. Your employment history should reflect every job that has not only given you special skills, but that has inspired you and taught you about a good work ethic. Even if you have a part time or temporary job or two that you think isn’t important, it will be important to some employers that see your LinkedIn page. If you have been self-employed, remember to add the types of clients you have worked with, what kinds of projects you worked on, and how the projects turned out for the client. It’s important for potential employers or clients to know you on this professional level. LinkedIn provides an area for you to include your interests or hobbies. Add details of hobbies or interests that are relevant to the role you are looking for, but avoid listing hundreds of "mundane" hobbies that don't add anything extra to your profile.

  2. ADD OPTIONS FOR COMMUNICATING BEYOND THE LINKEDIN PLATFORM Not everyone who uses LinkedIn logs into the system on a regular basis. If you can’t or don’t visit your LinkedIn page regularly, provide alternative contact options for potential employers. Failing to add alternative contact details could cost you an interesting job, or at least a great networking opportunity.

  3. ADD A PROFESSIONAL PROFILE PICTURE OF YOURSELF We always say LinkedIn isn’t Facebook, so don’t treat them the same. This social media platform was created for business owners, self-employed professionals, job seekers, and professional people who want to connect with clients and businesses. What kind of picture should you use for LinkedIn that will most appeal to employers? Do use a picture of yourself. A professional picture is one of the best ways to show potential employers you are serious about what you do. Don’t use a picture of your pet, a group shot, a silly meme image, or any other image that isn’t a clear professional image. (Yes we have seen wedding dresses and obvious drunk eyes in Linkedin profile photos, but it’s better to save that for your Facebook profile!

  4. USE PUBLISHERS TO SHARE IDEAS AND SAMPLES OF YOUR WORK In the beginning, LinkedIn was primarily a text-based platform. Because of technology upgrades, that has all changed. Its evolution in the social media world now allows you to add all types of media to your page. This includes work examples, writing samples, videos, presentations, and/or images that you can easily attach and upload to your LinkedIn page. Make sure your media is professional and relevant to your industry.It’s smart to make use of publishers to share your ideas, samples, examples, and skills.

  5. OPTIMISE YOUR LINKEDIN PRESENCE WITH SOCIAL VALIDATION Recommendations from your peers, managers, and/or clients have more value and credibility to your professional LinkedIn page than endorsements or the skills section found on this platform. Take time to make recommendations and request recommendations in return. You will be glad you took the time to do this as it will make your LinkedIn page more appealing to employers.

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