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Analytics - DIY or Hire an Expert?

Google Analytics has made it easier than ever for any business or website owner to understand their audience’s behaviour. So why is it so many businesses still struggle to get to grips with analytics? Being time poor, or not understanding what to look for, or even just not having someone who will take on the responsibility are all common causes.

Before you jump in to hire your new ‘Head of Analytics’ so you never have to think about it again, here are some tips to get you started on the path to understanding how it can help you, and at what point you do need to bring in help.

What do you need to know?

The amount of information Google Analytics collects can be overwhelming, so first of all start by asking yourself what you’d most like to know about your customers’ behaviour. If it’s fairly simple questions you need answering (e.g. what time do my customers visit my site, which location are my customers in?) the best course of action may just be to give a member of your existing team some (free!) online training to get them up to speed with how to use the system.

Who can help you find it?

Just be aware that data-crunching isn’t for everyone, so try to give the responsibility to someone who already demonstrates an analytical, numbers focused approach to work, and who will be able to share the information they find with the wider team.

Taking it to the next level

However, maybe you’re reading this and thinking this is all way too simplistic! If you’re really serious about making behavioural data central to your business and need to dig much deeper at some point, you’re probably already planning to hire a specialist or even a team of experts to take on the challenge. One of the biggest analytics projects we worked on, was hiring a 10 person specialist team from all over the world for a international tech company’s Analytics Hub, so we’ve learnt a few things about what makes a good analytics hire, and where to find the best talent!

What to consider when hiring

When you do hire someone, consider how the person will fit in with the rest of the team and who they will be reporting to. Will they be primarily under the marketing team? Or under the development team? What other responsibilities, if any, will they have other than analytics? It’s important that they (and you!) can see the bigger picture of how their work will benefit the organization so make sure you get buy-in from all concerned parties. If you’d like a chat about hiring in the sector, reach out to me on Linkedin anytime!