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The Decline of Demographics

As a 30-something, white male, living in London, I’m in the same “demographic” as this guy:

and this guy:

It doesn’t take a marketing genius to work out our interests, spending habits and online browsing history may differ slightly, but traditional demographic data was often all marketers had to go on in years gone by. The accessibility of real-time online data to marketers to help them solve this problem, is still relatively new but it’s changing the game. Rather than making assumptions based on wide reaching demographics, marketers can use real-time online data to get closer to their customers.

Clients in the e-commerce industry in particular are leading the change to a more individual, behaviour driven approach to targeted marketing. Huge amounts of behavioural information is captured from all over their sites and used to create individual messaging, sent to the right customer, at the right time. How often have you logged onto Facebook just after viewing a new shirt on your favourite online clothes shop, just to have it pop up in your newsfeed along with a few other suggestions of other shirts you might like? Or logged onto a supermarket home delivery site, to see a recommended shopping list based on your previous purchases, and what other people with similar shopping habits buy.

Behavioural Data Expert is one of our top predictions for growing digital jobs in 2016, as we see the expertise gathered from the e-commerce sector spread to other industries as well.

Dustin | Managing Director, EMEA

With over 10 years of recruitment experience in the technology sector working closely with Directors & C-Level individuals for a number of FTSE 100 firms, Dustin has an in-depth knowledge of the specific markets and understands how to acquire top talent.

Contact: dustin@33talent.com