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You’re not cr*p - just be thankful

You’re not cr*p - just be thankful and you can banish that demon, ‘self doubt’.

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow” - Melody Beattie

In this modern world where change is the norm and everything moves at a million miles an hour it is so easy to feel your are failing, underachieving and therefore have little to be thankful for. All of which is of course, on the most part, utter nonsense.

As an entrepreneur (uggh) there is so much pressure to create the “Amazing” overnight, but Rome wasn’t, and never could be, built in a day. This pressure has dark downsides that are too little discussed, such as the fear and effect of failure. There are thankfully a few (far too few!!) amazing articles out now on this subject I suggest reading, particularly the one by Nikki Durkin - THANKS @nikkidurkin99 for sharing!

But it’s not just failure (or the fear of it) that causes stress and ill health but also the flip side - the immediate expectation of success.

We live in such a ‘fast consumerism’ world, and there is so much media attention on the overnight and young millionaires or billionaires these days that most of us feel completely useless if we haven’t achieved similar ourselves. This is actually accentuated by all the ‘enabling’ and chest beating of those same people and the fact it is covered across social media with no ‘depth’.

So amongst all this personal onslaught of the “Amazing” achievers and billionaires how can us mere mortals keep sane as we ourselves strive ever onwards and upwards in an an increasingly challenging environment.

Here are my favourite learnings and takeouts from my experiences and experts that might help you get through the day / week / month / year….smiling :-) Hopefully you find it useful.


One of the biggest failures I see around me from junior to senior people, both in the businesses I have helped build or my own ones I am now building, comes from not celebrating the wins and being thankful for what we have in that moment it happens...when it will actually counts most. Try and avoid just clambering on and ever on, without significantly recognising what has just been achieved. This can be in the form of a SLACK message to a handshake, verbal callout at a meeting or buying the person something.

Research by Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer, developed the Progress Principle whereby everyday progress - even a small win - can make all the difference in how we feel and perform AND the more frequently we experience a sense of progress, the more likely we are to be creatively productive in the long run - more about Amabile and Kramer’s Progress Principle here.


Choose your hero’s carefully and try to ignore sensationalist press. @Richard Branson is an inspiration because he does talk about the hardships and sacrifices and that its ok to fail...he’s been there and lived them. His fearless attitude to risk have in most ways defined his business successes. “Failure and rejection are an inevitable part of business, and how you deal with them will ultimately affect your success” - Richard Branson.

I suggest you choose two or three virtual mentors (more on how to do that here) and feed your brain with positive information, real stories and practical self help tips


Recalibrate goals. Goals that don’t daunt are useful and enable us a reason to celebrate. Zig Ziglar a dynamic motivational speaker developed a simple 7 step goal setting system in order to help people achieve any goal. I urge you to be inspired by Zig Ziglars goal setting talk here.

This is really important as the feeling of being overwhelmed is often enough to bring on stress and fear (often interrelated) and these in turn will make you feel cr*p about everything.


Today, life really is a whirlwind. It just doesnt ever stop. So you need to take control. Neal Pasricha author of “The Happiness Equation” determined we now make an average 300 decisions a day. And that these decisions can take a massive toll on our energy and productivity. The solution: create more space through eliminating choice, time and access. Eliminate Choice: Stop making so many decisions; automate your route to work or cook double dinners. A study by Daniel Gilbert at Harvard University called it “The Magic of Being Totally Stuck” - that when we have less choice we are happier. Eliminate Time: Parkinson’s Law “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion" – reduce the time you have to complete projects. Eliminate Access: Email, instant messaging, mobile, social media... A study by McKinsey estimates we spend 30% of our day switching between tasks. Instead of doing ‘deep work’ and focusing on one task. Consolidate: point your voice mail to an email address; log off social media that you don’t need. Listen to Neal Pasrichas explain The Happiness Equation here. Hope this helped you feel better about yourself. Never stop believing

Be rewarding Rob

PS: For the managers amongst you I have also attached a free checklist to help you make sure you keep your employees happy. Caring for their wellbeing will help them be empowered, strong and able to deliver for your business.