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Talent Talk - Salt PR

This month we're delighted to feature some of our longest running clients in Singapore, salt!


Names: Marianne Blamire (MD and co-founder, salt Singapore) and Andy Last (Global CEO and co-founder, salt)

Founded: 2012

Staff in Singapore: 8

Key clients: Unilever, Syngenta, Givaudan

Website: www.salt-communications.com/

What sets salt apart from the crowd?

We want to bring about positive change through communications, so we concentrate on those briefs where we believe we can do that. Where we’re at our best is helping brands and companies create growth through a social purpose; increasing employee engagement inside organisations to improve productivity; and using digital channels to tell brand stories that people want to pass on. We also consciously combine our consumer and corporate work not only because these areas of communications are merging, but because we believe it improves the quality what we do.

Can you define your culture?

We’re called salt because we aspire to be ‘salt of the earth’ – straightforward and open in how we work with each other, with our clients and with our partners. We challenge each other to be better, and our clients to communicate in a way that effects real change. We aim to offer everyone in salt freedom with a safety net: the opportunities to stretch themselves, take risks and explore new areas without the fear of failure.

What do you look for in great talent?

We don’t look for specific sector experience, but we’re obsessed by drive, curiosity and thoughtfulness. Do they want to become better and have they got the confidence to think deeply about our clients’ issues and opportunities to come to better solutions?

What do you see as the key emerging trends in PR for 2015 and beyond?

The new SGX requirement for Sustainability Reporting is just the latest sign that businesses in the region need to engage seriously on sustainability issues – social, environmental and economic. We’re very excited about the opportunities this presents to businesses to identify and champion issues that not only help make a better world, but transform their business returns too.

The move to digital is an ongoing trend, and we’re seeing much more overlap between communications and design in how brands and organisations communicate simple, compelling and visually-arresting information through digital channels.