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Peerbrief | Crowdsourcing Recruitment

33 Talent’s next Networking Night Innovation Hydration is coming up this week, and as Peerbrief is one of the innovations that we will be discussing on the night, it seems a great time to share more about what Peerbrief actually is.

I'm often asked what the future holds for recruitment, and it's clear that both referral recruitment and social recruitment are picking up speed in the HR industry. PeerBrief encapsulates both in one awesome platform that solves the problems often associated with traditional referrals and recruitment by integrating Crowdsourcing; the business model of the 21st Century, with the traditional Recruitment process in a fun and engaging way.


It’s been an exciting journey so far, and in the last few weeks we’ve exhibited at both CeBIT and ATC 2014. During the 3 day CeBIT event in Sydney Showground, we exhibited as one of their start-ups companies. It allowed us, as a startup, to develop by connecting us to other businesses, investors and government through the leverage of innovation in IT.

Check out our 30s video for CeBIT here.


PeerBrief also participated in the recent ATC 2014 which exhibits the coolest, newest and most cutting-edge recruitment and HR technology. During the Innovation Lab ‘Shake-Up’ sessions, I hosted a 30 minute chat on gamification in recruitment and covered topics such as Employer Branding and Crowd Sourcing. Find out more information here.


Take a moment to visit our new website to discover the future of referral recruitment and find out the services that we offer. We'll do all we can to make your hiring experience positive and we hope you share our excitement about this new platform and sign up with us as a referrer or employer!

We’re only at the start of the shift, but we believe sooner or later it will be at a scale so enormous that you can’t afford to miss out. For feedback or investing opportunities, contact us at hello@33talent.com