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Why Your Interests Interest Me... And Any Hiring Manager

Putting hand to keyboard for my blogspot, I had a quick review of some recent posts. What a massive range of interests and experiences we’ve clocked up as a team! I loved to see how people’s holidays, pets, hobbies and experiences moving around the world have inspired them so truly that when it was their turn to contribute to our 33 Talent blog, it was life that people chose to write about.

In every case, people have felt that life experiences have made them who they are, taught them lessons and given them inspiration and challenge in equal turns. It’s this resolve they’ve drawn on to be the best that they can which makes them someone we chose to join us on our 33 Talent journey.

Was this a co-incidence? Is anything ever a co-incidence? When we formed the backbone of 33 Talent’s own hiring strategy we agreed that every person who joined would consciously live and breathe our values: you can see all six of them here. We have a whole interview, in our three interview process, dedicated just to this.

Why is it so important to us? If you haven’t already seen this Simon Sinek TED talk, it’s time! We wanted to get to the bottom of the why. And if you’re recruiting for a role that’s all about client and candidate service, with moving goalposts and an urgent need for innovation and fresh thinking (that’s the recruitment industry by the way!) you’d better know that people aren’t turning up just for the paycheque.

So, at 33 Talent, why do we do what we do? It’s because we live and breathe those values, whether you’re climbing Kilimanjaro, relocating to the other side of the world or planning a sugar-free day for a high energy office. You have passion, you share it, you tell yourself you will reach your goals, and you find a way around the roadblocks to get there.

So, turning to the job seekers out there – next time you’re writing your interests at the bottom of your CV, have a really good think, and work out what kind of company you want to be joining next. Ask questions in the interview and find out what makes the company tick. Match your values with the company’s values and everything will start to make sense – your career is a journey, and you deserve to enjoy the ride.