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Employer Branding - Social Media

In part two of our employer branding series we talk social media.


No candidate would rely solely on your website to research your offer in today’s world. This is 2014 people! The Talent on the market will be looking out for you all over social media, and if they’re using a search engine, the first platform that’s likely to come up is Linked In. People may have some favourite sites they deliberately go to as well, such as Facebook, Twitter or JobAdvisor (we’ve linked to our own platforms here so you can see we’re walking the talk J).

You can make a strong impression with a relatively small amount of work. Spend a couple of sessions getting your social media profiles set up how you want to see them. Keep your brand and logo consistent; be the same company on every platform. Make sure that any content on your news/blog is fed through to your social media platforms, and consider using a content planner such as Hootsuite for 30 minutes at the beginning of every week to make sure new content is released steadily during the week.

One person can be responsible for this with a relatively small numbers of hours if you keep it simple.


  • A presence on the Big Three social platforms (Linked In; Facebook; Twitter)

  • Find and engage a specific employment brand platform (we recommend JobAdvisor )

  • Produce a consistent flow of relevant content - even if this is once a week, make it happen every week. This can be links to relevant content, you don’t have to create everything from scratch yourself

  • Some news in social media that might not make it onto the website, such as Facebook pictures from recent company parties, or celebrating a colleague’s birthday in the office. It’s fun for those taking part and also shows the human side of your company to Talent on the market

See Part 1 for some simple tips for improving employer branding through your website.