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Research at 33 Talent

When I first learned that I was to write a post for 33 Talent (“don’t worry we’re only expecting around 400 words”) my first thoughts were cats. Bear with me on this one canine enthusiasts, it's not the furst time I'm writing a post and I promise it will be recruitment related… pawbably.

I could be writing a tail about the obligatory first week/new job or the exciting new challenges of relocating to another country but why not? Claws let's face it, although it's personally, immensely rewarding to uproot your family and say 'There I did it, now re-establish your career!' (like I did), how could I pass up an opportunity to write about something that I’m so deeply passionate about in a way that will drive you into a catatonic state? Or was that, something that will be burned into your cataracts for the next few minutes?... Meow I've done it.

Stop writing, your puns are horrible!

Right then – Recruitment! As a Researcher you need to be strong and resolute like mountain, flexible to keep up with the ebb and flows of the bodies of recruitment like wave, and have quick reflexes, sharp retractable claws like cat. Stepping into a vertically focused recruitment role has given me un-feathered access to try out all the sourcing techniques I've always talked about but never really had an opportunity to do having worked in a generalist role.

Things like completely absorbing yourself in the industry you’re recruiting in - attending meet-ups, technical workshops, industry conferences. Actually reading about the tools and technologies the guys and gals you’re looking for are using, having at the very least a basic understanding of their stack, what that means and how that compares with the other setups. “Networking” and not in the smarmy “got any jobs?” kind of way but actually having a down to earth conversation about which organisations are hiring, what they’re trying to do, how they’re achieving it and how they’re perceived in the industry. I share a little too, companies love a little free press, nothing commercial-in-confidence of course but enough to pique their interest. This is turning into a little how-to article so I’ll stop it right here.

I’ve given you a taste of what’s to come from the labs at 33 Talent. Let’s see how that word count is going. I think I’ve made it. Probably. By just a whisker… purr.