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What Does Networking Mean to You?

For me it’s not about fleeting encounters but all about building strong relationships...


The opportunity of moving from the UK to Sydney with my family was what most people would call ‘a no brainer’ and it took all of about one day to decide to move. And whilst the first six months have been challenging (finding our feet, getting our house, making new friends, realising the spider we caught in our garden actually was deadly after googling it) we have had a relatively easy transition into Australian life.

Party Skills

The other night I threw a party for my husband as he reluctantly enters the other side of 35 and it suddenly dawned on me whilst I was introducing the friends I had made to each other and seeing them giggle and chatter away, how amazing our experience has been since we landed and how much networking and hard work had gone into getting to the stage we are now at.

I started to think about all the skills I have had to draw upon to have made it to this point:

  • Resilience

  • Adaptability

  • Confidence and belief

  • Communication

  • Objectivity

  • Getting to really know people and what they want

And whilst I am not wanting to blow my own trumpet I did look around the room and say to myself, this is a skill. To be able to network. To be able to create relationships from scratch, to give value and to gain value in return, to build trust and create lasting friendships.

And this is why I have been in recruitment for 14 years because it harnesses all these skills.

Navigating The Industry

It is an industry which tests you all the time, professionally and personally. I have seen ups and downs (many people in the industry have described it as a rollercoaster) but with character and determination success prevails.

What I love about this industry is the fact that just when you think you have done it all something comes along and changes your course of action. And having coached and trained recruiters over the last 8 years I had no intention of working hands on again for another recruitment company, so I surprised myself when I jumped in with both feet after being given the opportunity to create the Big Data Practice for 33 Talent in Australia.

So why did I do it?

Because I fundamentally believe in 33Talent. I believe in what we represent, to deliver a quality service to candidates and clients. I believe in the way in which we should deliver relevant solutions to our clients, I believe in the importance of understanding peoples motivations for a new role.

When I met with the leadership at 33Talent I was able to see very clearly this was a company which had integrity and character and a company which really wanted to do something different. What really stood out for me was how it truly cares about its people, its partnerships, its clients and its candidates and strives to ensure that we all meet our goals, in an environment and culture which is innovative, passionate about going the extra mile and a very cool place to work.

Enjoy The Ride

In regards to my practice group, whether you decide to call it by its ambiguous term or not, the fact remains that Big Data is a very exciting space to be involved in. It has been a fantastic first 5 weeks at 33Talent and my networking skills are paying off tremendously as I am out and about meeting and identifying the best talent in the market to present to clients. These candidates range from Data Scientists with PHD backgrounds through to Marketing specialists who are becoming more and more involved within the analytics space.

For me, I am excited to be part of something really special and when I look back at that night with my friends it makes me smile. Life is about building and strengthening relationships (whether that be in business or your personal life) and for me, when it becomes a rollercoaster I intend to always enjoy the ride!